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Let there be LIGHT

Today’s program – all about how light effects the immune system, hormone production, sleep regulation and nutrient absorption in the first half of the program with brief discussion of color therapy and lunaception.  Cookie shared...

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Tim James Glynn Joins CthePower

Our guest today is Tim James Glynn.  Tim is the CEO and founder of Int’l. Anti-Ageing & Addition Therapies, LLC. speaking on BreathWork.  We also had some intense discussion with caller participation about the...

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Barbara A. Puffin Joins CthePower in YOU

Barbara A. Puffin Joins CthePower – Judy Lynne Cole presides and we’ll discuss issues of aging and how to effectively deal with aging parents and help them keep as much of their dignity as...

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Synthetic Life Forms In The Lab

Researchers at Scripps Research Institute are dabbling with creating synthetic life. Scientists are betting on the creation of extended genome that can be inherited by successive generations. One of the goals stated by the...