Against the Grain

Against the Grain, w/ host Samantha Buller-Kormos

Samantha Buller-Kormos, host of Against the Grain

Samantha Buller-Kormos, host of Against the Grain

About Me
Hello Guise!
My title is Samantha, House of Buller-Kormos.
Initially I was raised mostly on the mainstream knowledge – go to school, get an education, get a job etc.
In university however, things began to change. Taking sociology classes, (I swear my profs were slightly anarchist but didn’t want to say much) I began to learn how to REALLY question the world around me. I started with vaccinations, then moved onto health in general. After that I began to question politics – particularly government and it’s coerced consent through the birth certificate. I rapidly plummeted into the rabbit hole from there. In a matter of a couple years I made a complete 180.
For careers, currently I am a Doula and am currently enrolled in the Better Birth 360 Acupressure Trainer Course.
I spend ample time every day learning in areas of homesteading, survivalism, birth, alternative remedy/therapy, sovereignty, natural building and much more.
I love to make connections and share what I know – to be taught by and learn with other people to grow as an individual both in my own self growth and education.
To me, there is nothing better than learning something new every day.
We never stop growing, nor should we ever stop.

About The Show
Against The Grain Radio Show is a show that features guest speakers each week whose knowledge, careers or lifestyle are that outside of the mainstream. It’s a social networking hub through radio so to speak. Guest speakers range in knowledge from natural health to conspiracy to birth to homesteading and much more. Tune in each week at 4:30 pst or 7:30 et to listen in and have a chance to speak with these incredible individuals.

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