Project Socrates 5/27/14: The psychology of the “chase” and risk and benefit of contraception for the modern Lady

In this episode of Project Socrates, we look at a different aspect of health and wellness. Psychology. Specifically, the psychology of dating.



Soad aka Sue, is correct when she says that the modern woman is wise to play the “game” when it comes to human social interactions that we call “dating.”  We theorize that humans crave the chase, they do not prefer what it is easily and readily available. They seek a mate that makes them work for it.  Colleen takes it a step further, and says that females are seeking a chase just as much as our male counter-parts are, yet they are the only ones who get the notoriety in the “game.”

Our culture promotes a distorted view of human sexuality, and tips the scale more in favor of the promiscuous male.  The good girls are getting lost in the scuffle! He is able to gain access to ready and willing women without having to give the commitment that was historically required of him.

We examine the rules of the game in this post-modern dystopia. We try to hash out how to determine who is “The One.” We cite some red flags a person might look for in the earliest stages of dating that can keep a predator at bay.

In the second segment, Rina talks about the quandary of contraception once you have found “The One.” She is a survivor of Mirena, a hybrid of hormonal methods like the pill and the IUD. She opens her heart and bares all in an effort to save other women from this  hormonal hell. Mirena is different than a copper IUD, it is a plastic device that emits small amounts of levonorgestrel, a progestin compound, which is one of the active ingredients in most chemical birth control methods. It is also the primary ingredient in the OTC medication called “Plan B,” the emergency contraceptive.

Colleen gets into the history of the pill and the very destructive and under-rated side effects. We also discuss the role of overwhelming amounts estrogen coming from our environment, leading to the increased risk of cancer, mood disruption and fibroids to name just a few conditions.

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