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Donna Voetee aka GRANNY GOOD FOOD will join us for a RANT ….. Oh and is she hopping mad !

If we have time we will also be covering the articles on Food Freedom below along with my usual commentary, opinions, concerns, laughter, sighs and maybe a few grumbles at the “alphabet agencies”.  We are scheduling short interviews from those who attended a March, made signs, talked at their community venues, etc.   Contact me if you would like to participate or just show up.


Thank you for listening to FreedomizerRadio and for sharing our goals and presence on the net.Snake oil salesman

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GRANNY RANT recent on Aspartame:  The diet soda industry has never had reservations about LYING to promote their products and causing misery and even death to their beguiled customers.   They are at it again.   A few days ago, I rebuked KLOV “Christian” radio for promoting a study that “proved” diet soda is safe for short-term weight loss.

The article we will be referencing this morning has been scrubbed from the internet.  Fortunately, Donna had a copy in her archives * See more notes below in comments   Nutrapoison


How appropriate to have the snake oil salesman as part of Granny’s Post…….. now they are in YOUR CLASS ROOMS.

Monsanto in middle school health class


This whole experience has shown me that, as a parent, each of us needs to be vigilant RIGHT NOW if we want to put a stop to outside influences creeping into our children’s lives. Middle school infiltrated by Monsanto TThe small effort I put in these last few days will protect my child in the future from being exposed to such things without my prior knowledge but it WON’T protect yours, so I hope everyone learns something from this as I have. We as parents have to communicate with our kids on a daily basis to ensure we are protecting their innocence because the administrative bodies that exist in schools are really only go to follow written law so if law doesn’t prevent brainwashing and indoctrination, they are not going to prevent it either unless you make them.




Early April, along the river Rhine near Leverkusen, Germany,  bee keepers noticed millions of bees with symptoms of poisoning. Now some first results by the JuliusSave the Bee Gatherings Kühn institute show a compound from the family of neonicotinoides to be responsible. Research still goes on. These compounds are used as active ingredients in treatments against greenflies and and other types of louses. If the chemicals are used correctly, bees are not affected. If used incorrectly, e.g. on plants in bloom or swarming with bees, this can kill the bees. Read more: Millions of bees poisoned by pesticides

Our invitation to Swarm the Globe isn’t about organizing marches, holding huge rallies or super-gluing ourselves to the floors of Monsanto’s HQ while dressed like bees – this Swarm is meant to bring awareness to the importance of the Bee, the dangers pesticides pose, and the continuing threat of Colony Collapse Disorder.

If you’ve got experience organizing big marches and rallies, we’d love you to help host one in your area — want to hold an educational picnic — take action with friends in an affinity group — maybe you already work with an organization on the ground that would like to bee involved — or maybe you’re the only one in your town who cares at all — it doesn’t matter — we welcome you to join our Swarm!


The Weather Channel, Which Has Partnered with Monsanto in the Past, Comes Out in Support of GMOs on Its Website and Facebook Simple Rule AspartamePage – Via AltnewsAltHealthNews

AlthealthwThis is not only ahThisThe authoritative-sounding headline on the TV station and website’s Facebook page read as follows: “You probably ate GMOs today without even realizing it. Here’s why you’ll be just fine.” The article went on to attempt to paint activists as “anti-science,” a common tactic used by the Biotech industry.

This is not only happening on the WEATHER CHANNEL but on morning shows on FARM NEWS  via radio.

Listen live here today ; or return and use the same link as the podcast.  Thank you in advance for sharing this important information.

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  1. Via Granny :

    Sometimes the most poisonous ingredients will not be on the label. Why? There are two reasons. One, ingredients of ingredients are not required to be disclosed. Example: the “broth” in canned tuna or soup may contain MSG, but since it is not added directly, it will not be on the label, yet your brain will be foggy and you’ll wonder why. Second, if the ingredient is less than 2 percent of the ingredients, it does not need to be listed.

    Neotame is such an additive that falls under both categories. As the patent for aspartame was expiring in 1992, something “new” needed to be invented. Voila! “New” aspartame, NEOTAME, with 3-dimethylbutyl, a chemical listed by the EPA as “hazardous,” came along. Thus, the reason you still may have a headache though you avoid MSG and aspartame diligently —

    1. It is 13,000 times sweeter than sucrose, so a very tiny amount is needed, far less than 2 percent. Free ride.

    2. It is mixed with other created foods like maltodextrin, so it’s an ingredient of an ingredient. Free ride.

    I cannot say this enough. Learn to cook at home. Make things from scratch. Do not buy pre-made sauces, seasoning packets, or mixes. The few minutes it takes will add quality years to your and your loved ones’ lives.

    See the many ways that NEOTAME is mixed with MALTODEXTRIN here:

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