Richard Clarke’s Life After Politics

382458_10151760079030503_44201591_n         Many Georgians will be voting in the runoff on Tuesday, July 22nd. But Richard Clarke will not be one of them. One might argue that if any libertarian political activist in Georgia had a reason to stay the course it would be Richard. In 2012, he was 1 of 3 delegates from Georgia to go to the Republican National Convention and vote for Ron Paul.  However, in his recent YouTube video, “My Road to the Real Revolution”   he “came out” as an Anarchist. And he stated that he no longer believes that political action will make us any freer. He did however have words of comfort to give his political friends who were distraught after have been dealt such a big loss in the primary a little more than a month ago.


I instantly became very happy for him after watching his video. I knew that I had to give him an opportunity to share his story and ideas of moving forward with the For Whom The Bell Tolls and Freedomizer Radio audience.   So please tune in Tuesday, July 22nd at 3-5 PM PST and 6-8 PM