Laser Lenses will allow for long distance spying

Mad Scientists Exposed

I’m an educated software engineer who has spent most of my career writing data analysis code in the sciences. I am now an investigator of mad scientists, first inspired by seeing a television interview with an Ebola researcher who delivered her interview with a malevolent Cheshire smile, because, she was very happy to say, the predicted massive American disease and suffering due to Ebola was going to “save the economy” by spurring research dollars. I had never met an evil mad scientist before, and I thank God they are in the minority… although they do tend to rise to positions of disproportionate power. Only by exposing them can we defang them. My children have reached adulthood, and I have no grandchildren yet. So the time to uncover truth, speak up, and fix the world is now. You can contact me here. Thank you for stopping by,