Forsaken Generation w/ hosts Lynette and Lindsay – This week’s Guest, Liz Jane Jackson – 09/11/2017

Monday 09/11/2017 – 12pm EDT, 9am PDT

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Liz Jane Jackson & Family
This week we are happy to have our guest Liz Jane Jackson Friend, Listner and warrior mom we love this girl.. She traveled so far to try to make it to the CDC rally and just missed it so came to meet instead what a sweet heart.. tune in and listen to this mothers story of her childrens injury and road to recovery.. Support our fellow warriors.. Pray for those evacuating and staying in the Hurricane Zones right now..

Hi my name is Liz Jane Jackson mother of 5 children Steven, David and Marie, Elmer and the 5 month old baby Elizabeth Sofia.  We are from Santa Fe New Mexico, a bilingual English and Spanish family completely affected by vaccines. I had my oldest son at the age of 18, going on 19.  He has a chromosomal genetic deletion and was born to a different father.  My other 4 are from my now husband of a relationship of 1 year, married 6 years.  20 years difference, he is 47 I’m 27. We make it work. I stay home, he works, I make sure that when he gets home there is food on the table and kids have done homework, ready for dinner, and then bath and bed. My oldest Steven was diagnosed ASD and my youngest Elmer also has ASD.  My second child David has dyslexia, learning delays, my daughter diagnosed with mild microcephaly at 2 1/2 years old.  At the same time I was also diagnosed with mild microcephaly, learning disability. My youngest daughter has had only one vaccine and I will not continue to vaccinate ever again.

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