Journey into Freedom w/ your host Red Gypsy, and co-host Scarlett Anonymous – 09/18/2017

Tuesday 09/19/2017 – 12am EDT
Monday 09/18/2017 – 9pm PDT

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Journey into Freedom

Tonight we go forward on part 3 of the book of Raziel this will wrap up book one! We will have Moon News, WEEKLY GUIDANCE is coming back TONIGHT!!!! Call ins line up a few free readings might be available if you ask nicely! Remember all services are by donation only so if you want some private work let me know! We are also going to talk about the “word” the power of words what they do and so forth join us tonight and call in as always! We may even delve into book 2 you just never know where we might be lead!

Call and join us 319-527-6208 press 1 to come live and join us with your thoughts ideas and voice! I want to hear from you!!

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Source: Journey into Freedom w/ host Red Gypsy and co-host Scarlet Anonymous


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