Mad Scientists Exposed – Hurricane Irma Special 09/08/2017

Friday 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT

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Hurricane Irma seen from space

“Greatest Evacuation In History” – 650,000 Ordered To Leave Florida

A “traffic nightmare” as Cat-5 Hurricane Irma bears down.

Investing in Preventing Hurricanes, by investing in the Africa’s Great Green Wall

Great Green Wall

Sahara Desert Greening Due to Climate Change?
James Owen
for National Geographic News
July 31, 2009

Solar X-flare eruption & Coronal Mass Ejection to impact earth

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Can reclaiming the Sahara as greenland prevent the formation of Hurricanes?


Source: Ed Augusts’ World, followed by Mad Scientists Exposed – Hurricane Irma Specials 09/08 by FreedomizerRadio | Lifestyle Podcasts

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I’m an software engineer who has spent most of my career writing data analysis code in the sciences. Since then, I have been horrified to discover fraud in the sciences, for money or other agendas. My children have reached adulthood, but I have no grandchildren yet, so It is my goal to help bring down the fraud in the vaccine industry particularly, before I do.

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