Journey into Freedom w/ your host Red Gypsy, and co-host Scarlett Anonymous – 10/16/2017

Monday 10/16/2017 – 9pm PDT (Show Notes)
Tuesday 10/17/2017 – 12am EDT

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Journey into Freedom

Join us this week as we cover an array of interesting topics! For our ones out there we will be talking about the Ca. “Wildfires” & how as a trained vol. FF the facts are not adding up to the realities! What’s going on? Lets discuss it! Also on the agenda is the 13th gate idea what it means and what it could have sparked! What is the 13th gate what does it mean? Join me as we discuss it! Have some knowledge to add about the 13th gate please call in lets do our best to transform knowledge into wisdom together! We are also going to cover the 13th nerve what that is why we don’t really know of it and how it connects to these 3 specific parts of our brain known when all 3 are active and functioning at the same time as the holy trinity of the brain AKA the God Seed! Are we unwrapping this mystery? Join us as we spark and reunite you with your 13th nerve so you can determine for yourself! This has many manyrabbit trails and side runs from Metatron and his cube to Raziel to energy weapons being used right now possibly! So join us as we delve deep into these ideas and make sense of them one way or another!

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