Mad Scientists Exposed – Halloween Special – 10/31/2017

Tuesday 10/31/2017 – 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show Notes)

(Show starts at 90 minutes into shared schedule block.)

Mad Scientists Exposed

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Scenes from Salem, MA

Scenes from Roswell, NM

Caller’s info:

Rachel, NV, near Area 51

Marfa, TX Lights

Dr. Stephen Greer & the Disclosure Project:

Global CE-5 (human-initiated UFO contact) Event Announcement, for Nov. 4, 2017

Of course, the NWO / Deep State wants to keep us all in the dark, so they can weaponize the technologies they’ve acquired by reverse engineering the saucer they shot down in Roswell.

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Source: Ed Augusts’ World ~ followed by ~ Mad Scientists Exposed 10/31/2017 by FreedomizerRadio | Lifestyle Podcasts

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About Investigator Suzanne

I’m an software engineer who has spent most of my career writing data analysis code in the sciences. Since then, I have been horrified to discover fraud in the sciences, for money or other agendas. My children have reached adulthood, but I have no grandchildren yet, so It is my goal to help bring down the fraud in the vaccine industry particularly, before I do.

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