Against the Grain, host Known as Sam, w/ guest speaker Brittani Weirath – 11/08/2017

Wednesday 11/08/2017 – 7:30pm Eastern, 4:30pm Pacific (Show Notes)
(“Against the Grain” starts at 90 minutes into schedule block.)

Hey Guise!

This week, we have special guest Brittani Weirath – a very special friend of mine who I also administrate natural parenting facebook groups with. 

Brittani is a natural minded mother of 2 boys. She has spent the last 5-7 years studying a variety of “against the grain” topics. Brittani has extensive knowledge on essential oils, herbs, and food based natural remedies. She is also a certified Reiki master & crystal healer. Brittani has healed her auto immune disease (interstitial cystitis) with a plant based diet & continues to heal her gut damage through food based medicine. Last year, after many years of studying natural birth, she successfully went unassisted (no professional medical care) during her pregnancy & birth with her second child. Brittani believes true wealth is in health and living a natural life style is beneficial to all humans and the earth we live on.

You can find Brittani here:


Facebook: Brittani Marie Weirath

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