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World’s first human head transplant a success, controversial scientist 11/17/2017

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Suzanne L

So the next operation will be on two “brain dead” patients?   But now that we know the whole invention in the 60’s of the term “brain dead”, for labeling merely long term comatose but still living people, for the purpose of jump starting the now extremely profitable organ transplant industry, and now that we know that even some of those comatose patients are not even unconscious at all, but merely paralyzed, who will now have their heads removed without anesthesia, well, we have something straight out of hell, don’t we.

Y’all check out the most recent research into brand new brain-wave reading machines, that are giving rudimentary communication back to some of these “locked in” (locked in their own bodies) paralyzed people.

Ripping their heads off is not science.  It’s EVIL for the sake of EVIL.  If this “doctor” can sew cut spinal cords together, what’s stopping him from sectioning & repairing the spinal cords of the quadriplegic patients he has lining up to pay him big bucks for new bodies?  No, main stream medicine can’t give anyone hope of THAT!

rlo rlo

 @Suzanne L My thoughts exactly. Why are not spinal injuries and paralysis due to injuries being reparaired?
Suzanne L

@rlo rlo  Some of them are, but never by western medicine. Is the wheelchair industry lobby really that big?  There are evil forces suppressing true advances in western medicine in very many areas, which is why alternative medicine (the true medicine) is such a threat.

This UK man’s very easy idea has already helped some people, but it is studiously ignored by the mainstream, to everyone’s detriment.

The Donald

Alternative medicine, if it actually worked, would just be called “medicine”. It is called alternative as in fake / nonsense / does not work.
Suzanne L

@The Donald  Did you not know that mere Nutrition Education is derogatorily called “alternative” medicine? So, sorry, guy.  You’re wrong.  I’ve personally met too many people (several) who have cured their own asthma or cancer by walking away from mainstream medicine.  Those are the people I want to learn from.  Not the “abandon all hope, ye who enter” western medicine mindset. Someday “alternative” medicine (which simply means “not endorsed by Big Pharma”),  WILL be called just “Medicine”.

Or really, it’ll just be called “Health”.

Oh, yeah, it already is.

Why is he doing this?

Past Mad Scientists Exposed episode on Nerve Regeneration – 06/21/2016

Inclined Bed Therapy Cured a Paraplegic


— FOUND!   The NYTimes article for which my comment caused them to delete the entire comment section for that article, because I guess they didn’t want more people like me commenting! LOLOL

NYTimes publishes fake story, attempting irrational anti-vaxxer bashing

NYTimes publishes fake story, attempting irrational anti-vaxxer bashing – MadScientists.Exposed – 01/02/2017

The NYTimes has been caught attempting a false narrative (aka “fake news”) under the guise of their “Dear Abby”-style column, repackaged as “ask The Ethicist“.  You know, kind of like confessing to your priest.  (What arrogant chutzpa.)   This week’s question is:

“Your Sister Won’t Vaccinate Her Son. Can You Help Him?”
by Kwame Anthony Appia

I attempted to post a comment, but the NYTimes is taking many hours to “approve” it.  As if it ever would.  So I call foul, and am posting it here, forever searchable & accessible.

Kwame Anthony Appia, You betray your unethical fake article, a scenario about an non-existent aunt and nephew, by your blatant lie: “But the anti-vaccination movement is not, alas, a bastion of rationality.”

In fact, the ONLY thing the anti-vaccination movement is about IS rationality. Of course we trust Science. It’s SCIENTISTS we don’t trust. The vaccine industry is rife with fraud and paid off cronyism, and the public is sick of the lies by white-coat authorities denying the obvious, when their children have lapsed into seizures or died right in front of their eyes immediately following a round of vaccines, common reactions that are listed right in the package inserts. If only they had read them ahead of time.

So parents have learned to download the vaccine package inserts right from the FDA website, each one of which lists a huge list of horrible side effects that DO happen to many people. Things like paralysis, brain damage, crippling joint & nerve pain, and DEATH. They don’t want to be like those other parents who only read the package inserts too late, once they’ve already been tricked into crippling or killing their own child and belatedly express their grief by the hundreds of thousands all over social media.

It’s perfectly rational to prefer a temporary bout with a flu or chickenpox over a shot of Russian Roulette, holding death or lifelong disability, aimed at their own child’s head.

Fail-StampSo Kwame Anthony Appia & NYTimes, your lies STINK for all to smell.




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