New Show! – Rising Resistance – w/ host Holly Wages. This week’s guest, Stephen Giboney.

Saturday 11/11/2017 – 10:30pm EST, 7:30pm PST (Show Notes)

This week on Rising Resistance guest Stephen Giboney will join me to discuss geoengineering (aka chemtrails), government/media propaganda, and tyranny, as well as human responses to these topics. Please join us, and feel free to call in with any questions or comments. Stephen is a researcher, father, and entrepreneur who has been aware of the control paradigm for almost 10 years now. He is an activist who works independently to bring awareness of the false reality to average citizens while at the same time works to introduce to the public admitted government programs that directly have an impact on their lives that they were previously unaware of. He has attended scores of rallies across Southern California, supports the Constitution, and is a warrior for truth.

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Source: Rising Resistance with guest Stephen Giboney 11/11/2017 by FreedomizerRadio | News Podcasts

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