Clarity After Dark, w/host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-Host Red Gypsy – discussing the Dark Battlefield -12/01-02/2017

Friday 12/01/2017, 9pm PST = Saturday 12/02/2017, 12am EST (Show Notes)

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Tonight’s Clarity After Dark is going to bring a collection of things we think needs to be brought to the attention of the people, we have a spiritual as well as cultural war going on right now and you are seeing the fall out of the battlefield of our fellow human beings vs forces much darker and reach further than our wildest imagination. The things you may hear tonight may shock you,disgust you,sicken you they may be almost unbelievable but i can assure you even if some of the more sensationalized cases aren’t true there are a 100 to take its place we’ve never even HEARD.

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