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Arizona Department of Transportation employee, wearing the un-flu-shotted “mask of shame”. This woman had waited on me only 4 days earlier (on Friday) with no mask, so I can only presume she refused her employer’s (AZ DOT) mandatory flu shot in the 1 intervening business day (Monday), today being Tuesday. I was waiting in line and soooo wanted her to be the one who waited on me, because I wanted to thank her for her awareness, and suggest to her she write on her mask, “This mask protects me from my coworkers’ shedding flu shots. Would you like one?”


but alas, I was called to a flu-shotted AZ DOT employee’s window, and I am having to implement my “no, you’re NOT going to give me the flu” guerilla tactics.

AZ Dept. of Transportation - flu shot mask

AZ Dept of Transportation employee wearing the “flu shot mask of shame” 11-21-2017












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Source: Ed Augusts’ World, followed by Mad Scientists Exposed 12/08/2017 by FreedomizerRadio | News Podcasts

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