Rising Resistance – host Holley Wages, w/ special guest Britney Valas, Mother of five studying to receive a PhD in Holistic Health & Nutrition and to become a Detoxification Specialist; founder of CMFH – 12/02/2017

Saturday 12/02/2017 – 10:30pm EST, 7:30pm PST (Show Notes)

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This week on Rising Resistance, we have guest Britney Valas joining us to discuss several interesting topics including vaccines and other toxins, detoxification, and healthy lifestyle choices. Please join us, and feel free to call in with any questions or comments.

Britney Valas is a devoted wife and mother of five. Prior to deciding to stay home with her children and homeschool, Britney worked for nearly 6 years as a certified pharmacy technician, earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, worked in sales and management and finished up as a pharmaceutical sales representative for a major pharmaceutical company. In 2013, Britney began questioning vaccines even though her oldest child experienced a serious illness after a flu shot in 2009. Through inspiration by God, Britney felt the energy shift and knew it was time for a national march promoting parental rights with medical freedom and exposing the true state of health for America’s Children's March for Humanity logoyouth by initiating the Children’s March for Humanity in 2017. After 23 cities and over 130 speakers across the nation joined in on the day, Britney has taken some down time to reflect and plan for the following year. She is currently studying to receive her certification as a Detoxification Specialist and has also begun her studies as a PhD in Holistic Health and Nutrition. Her family is her number one priority and caring for their minds, spirits and bodies is a daily task which she deeply appreciates.


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Source: Rising Resistance with guest Jason Christoff 11/25/2017 by FreedomizerRadio | News Podcasts

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