Against the Grain, host Known as Sam, w/ guest Dean Kory, on family court corruption – 01/17/2018

Wednesday 01/17/2018, 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST (Show Notes)

(Show starts 90 minutes into schedule block.)

Hey Everyone! This week’s guest is Dean Kory.

Dean Kory

Dean Kory

Dean Kory has dedicated himself to exposing the authority of the day respectfully, learning about the deceptions only when faced with family court and the unbelievable corrupt power of the children’s aid society. He began learning as it all started when the system tried to take his little girl. A fathers protection instinct kicked in and it all came clear from there.

Being forced into the lions den without the knowledge of how to protect himself and without knowledge of what his rights were, Dean had to learn in the moment and from his mistakes. To the full advantage of the corrupt legal scheme of “Quazi Jurisdiction” and “Administrative Process” , Dean has uncovered their bad faith objectives and developed a way to expose it. Dead believes that educating everyone about this is the key to making the changes needed if we are to realize any judicial reform to have our rights recognized, respected and upheld.

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