Journey into Freedom, with your host Red Gypsy, and Co-host Scarlet Anonymous – 01/08/2018

Monday 01/08/2018, 9pm PST = Tuesday 01/09/2018, 12am EST (Show Notes)

Journey into Freedom

It is that Time of year again the start of a whole new chapter of our book of life so as per request I will be doing a full Tibetan singing bowl chakra cleanse and realignment guided meditation of my own making hopefully even better than last years! I have a few hours into putting this together for you all!

After that it will be open communication lines for all topics! I will also be doing weekly oracle reading and I will be doing 1 live dowsing session with 1 lucky caller! We are also going to recap information from recent shows on some topics again via requests!

You all are coming out and listening and showing support! We love our listeners each and every one of you! We will be discussing chem trails, Antarctica, book of Enoch, Nephilim, as well as a few newer things to add to the Antarctica info. Also will be talking about aliens and some thoughts and ideas on them as full disclosure is getting closer we must remember that which they show is only to keep our eyes from what they wish to remain hidden!

So join us as our station celebrates its 8th year on air!

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