Just Before Dawn w/ Host Will Wacholtz – 01/20/2018

Saturday 01/20/2017 – 4:30pm PST (Show Notes)

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Guest TBD This week on Just Before Dawn, I will be discussing the Great Awakening and how that applies to you and your life. In the discussion we will go into current news and events that are relevent to the awakening of our people and how these things are drips of disclosure in an attempt to bring about a partial disclosure scenario that works in the favor of the elite factions known as the Cabal. We must demand FULL disclosure from our so called elected leaders and push for them to bring about the disclosure that we all deserve as citizens of this country(U.S.A.) and this planet! Also I will be discussing in deeper length, last week’s Hawaii missile attack that was passed off as an accidental button push of the warning system… As always we reserve the right to drift off topic and if a guest comes free and we can schedule them in, that will be added.

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