New Show!! Just Before Dawn, your host Will Wacholtz, w/ guest, American Hero Alex Britton – 01/13/2018

Saturday 01/13/2018 – 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST (Show Notes)

Just Before Dawn

Joining your host, Will Wacholtz, tonight’s guest is truly the essence of an American Hero!

Alex Britton has an incredible story that he will be telling openly for the first time tonight! Here on the Just Before Dawn show you will be a part of the scoop. He is going to discuss with me how, in 1999 he happened to recognize a looming threat at his job in San Diego and shortly thereafter thwarted an attempted terrorist attack that would have been akin to the attack in Oklahoma City and New York.

Continuing the story, he is going to describe how deep state operatives have made several attempts on his life in the years since and has been living a life that can only be described as “Shadow banning”, of his whole life! In an effort to bring this terrible event and the knowledge of what the shadow government will go to to bring down a true American Hero, he is going to continue the narrative with us so that, YOU, the hard working American citizens knows the truth. Like many recent insiders, he is coming forward, for the people and in hopes that bringing these heinous crimes to light will serve as not only a beacon to others to come forward but to also lessen the attacks on his and his friend’s lives.

Later in the episode, Alex has agreed to take audience questions. This is a story you, your family and friends need to hear. Listen in tonight to this breaking story w/ your host, Will Wacholtz and call in with your questions!

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