Against the Grain (3hrs, prerecorded), host Known as Sam, w/ guest Bryan Parker – 02/14/2018

Wednesday 02/14/2018, 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST (Show Notes)

Against The Grain with show host Known As Sam

Wednesday @ 4:30PM Pacific Time or 6:30PM Eastern Time

Guest speakers featured every week whose knowledge, careers or lifestyle are based outside of societal engineered norms.
This weeks special guest: Bryan Parker

Bryan Parker

Bryan Parker

Bryan-Glenn: Parker Born on northern Michigan and now dwelling on SW Florida he has accepted the charge by the Creator(s) to “Come out of her (Babylon) my people” and research how we’ve been deceived into relying on an foreign source for our daily needs and both our physical & spiritual identity. After being revived from an auto accident and experiences from the following weeks in a coma he realized there is a much bigger picture before us, even though most of us have been blinded to it. His desire today is for wo/mankind to realize that those issues around us that we deem as important are not significant. The most significant issues are those which have been hidden.


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