Clarity After Dark (3hrs), w/host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-Host Red Gypsy – 02/16-17/2018

Friday 02/16/2018, 9pm PST = Saturday 02/17/2018, 12am EST (Show Notes)

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Clarity After Dark – 

Welcome to a program examining the other side of the veil and the land between of the Human experience not easily known,trusted or aware to but pieces none the less of an everlasting puzzle we have decided to decode called life. We hope to wade through the edges of consciousness and those things not easily charted by science or conventional knowledge and acknowledge each persons unique experiences of life and civilization there by making each one of us a special condition deserving of understanding and truth which is missing from this world, we hope you tune in to get ready to find a Clarity After Dark!!!!

David Mauriello, aka Diamond

David Mauriello, aka Diamond

This Weeks Episode is a Special Event!!! Diamond From Oppenheimer Ranch Project ( will be broadcasting live from Observing The Frontier conference to bring us through insight on what just the Grand Solar Minimum is but, who will it affect? What types of preparations would an average family need to do to get ready for this to happen? What are the probabilities of the Grand solar minima (GSM) Occuring? How Long will it be expected to Last?

These are Questions you all should be asking each other especially that now LAMESTREAM MEDIA IS REPORTING ON WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU HERE AT CLARITY AFTER DARK FOR WEEKS AND WEEKS NOW.

Diamond will also be explaining what a High Alpine Permaculture Ranch is and the work he and his Partner have been doing with his Organization. Also there may be other surprise guests from the Conference as well!  As well as everything else you know and love about Clarity After Dark!high alpine country

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