Journey into Freedom (3hrs), with your host Red Gypsy, and Co-host Scarlet Anonymous – 02/12/2018

Monday 02/12/2018, 9pm PST = Tuesday 02/13/2018, 12am EST (Show Notes)

Journey into Freedom

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“As for truth it endureth & is always strong it liveth & conquereth for evermore” Esdras 1-4:38 In this episode we will be cont. Our investigation & interpretation of Esdras 2 tying it into the bible the forbidden book of Enoch the forgotten book of Aquarian gospels the Ancient Hindu writings and so much more linking other worldly beings to these writings things we have been told for so long were not real but have been written about so often yet overlooked! “Remember my children that sleep for I shall bring them put of the sides of the earth & show mercy upon them they set me at naught & despised the commandment of the lord” Esdras 2-2:31 ” & gave a body to Adam without a soul which was the workmanship of your hand & you breathed into him the breath of life & he was made living before you” Esdras 2-3:5 ” for the 1st Adam bearing a wicked heart transgressed & was overcome & so be all they that are born of him thus infirmity was made permanent & the law also in the heart of the ppl with maligignity of the root so that the good departed away & the evil abode still” Esdras 2-3:21-22 Things that link it together! You can believe in other worldly beings & still believe in the highest power! “They that dwell upon the Earth may understand nothing but that which is on the Earth & he that dwells above the heavens may only understand the things that are above the height of the heavens” Esdras 2-4:21 ” in the grave the chambers of the souls are like the womb of a woman ” Esdras 2-4:41 So join us for the next bit of Esdras 2 continuing on with our theological convo. Renner Gary Wayne will be joining us March 19 so mark your calander Remember that we are but Adams in this and we to are prone to concussion and misunderstanding! always you can find me on face book under Red Gypsy you can find Journey into Freedoms page there as well add and or like these you can find me on Twitter RedGypsyJIF and you can email me at Or

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