Just Before Dawn (3hrs) w/ host Will Wacholtz, guest Candice Sanderson – 02/10/2018

Saturday 02/10/2017 – 4:30pm PST (Show Notes)

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Just Before Dawn

Candice Sanderson, author of Reluctant Messenger

Candice Sanderson, author of The Reluctant Messenger

Tonight’s episode we will be discussing current relevant events and continuing our discussion on disclosure in our world.

I’m also excited to present my guest, Candice Sanderson, an intuitive psychologist whose fabulous book, the Reluctant Messenger, Tales from Beyond Belief, is set to release this year.

We will be discussing her upcoming book and what led her to opening to these messages she began receiving.

Check out her website and preview the upcoming phenomenal book at CandiceSanderson.com

“This extraordinary book, filled with wisdom, is the result of a revolution that took place in author Candice Sanderson’s life.  She was an ordinary person who, by being open and accepting, allowed messages from another realm to come through to her.  She courageously faced her own doubt, fear, and judgment as she was shown truths about creation, time, and other profound topics.  This is a book for people who seek answers to the nature of our existence. This is a book that needs to be savored, not just read.”

~ Roberta Moore, Producer of Spiritual Films

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