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Drugged Mass Killers

Meme seen on social media. Yeah, we all know what’s going on.


articles on Nikolas Cruz on Medication

NYPost 02/15/2018: Mom’s flu death may have sent Florida massacre suspect over the edge

Isn’t it just possible, even likely, this kid got into the Tamiflu stash his mother left behind?  Or that since she had had the flu, that he was prescribed Tamiflu himself, as a “preventative”.  Tamiflu is sometimes prescribed this way.  (See pg 22 of the package insert.)

Articles on Tamiflu side effects before the Florida shooting:

News 5 Cleveland: Reports of hallucinations, suicide raise fears over Tamiflu side effects

USA Today 02/13/2018: Tamiflu may have odd side effects, particularly in children, experts say

WFAA 02/14/2018: Tamiflu sent son into rage, Garland mom says


InfoWars 05/14/2008: Tamiflu Toxic, Causes Mental Disorders in Teenagers


WND 06/2015: Big list of drug-induced killers

FBI was aware of Florida shooter well in advance.

FoxNews 02/16/2018: Alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was reported to FBI, cops, school — but warning signs missed


Thoughts that FBI's involvement might be so evil, even Ed found it hard to consider (click at your own risk)

This is turning out to be a false flag like the Las Vegas shooting. In both cases there are multiple interviews with multiple witnesses that there were multiple gunmen.

And just as with Las Vegas, these witnesses will start dying mysteriously in car crashes and pedestrian run downs.

However, in the case of Las Vegas, we have the footage of gun muzzle flashes from other windows in the hotel, and machine gun muzzle flashes down on the crowds from the helicopters (some without transponder signals) on the scene.

We already know we are at war and the FBI has been infiltrated. Why should the attempt to frame Trump via the Mueller fishing expedition be the only front in this war?

When these unstable angry young men are identified to the FBI as “tips”, the FBI doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do and use those tips to stop the next killing. The FBI actually uses these tips to find their next patsy fall guy and make SURE the next shooting happens. I’m not saying this guy wasn’t involved. I’m saying this guy was drugged, goaded, coached, helped, and ultimately assisted to make sure it happened with maximum bloodshed.

That this Florida guy escaped the federal agencies long enough (by crowd blending) to be captured by local authorities without killing him (to shut him up), was a severe Feds failing in this case. I guarantee you the next patsy will be chipped first, probably with a remote controlled exploding chip. This guy was supposed to off himself, and he didn’t.

So, the American public is now onto the M.O. In days immediately prior to all of these shootings are military style training drills for various government, even non US-government, agencies. That was true of Sandy Hook, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, and now this very same school in Florida. The “See something say something” no longer applies to just reporting “troubled individuals” – we know that will ensure people getting killed. “See something say something” now applies to reporting bizarre military style & “first responder” “training exercises” occurring in public spaces. But not just any public spaces. We know now that that actually identifies where the next “mass shooting” target is going to be. In the month prior this Florida shooting, the “Secret Service” specifically “trained” in this self-same school for several days.




How ISIS killers have to drug each other to enable each other to kill so viciously:

Front Page Mag 03/09/2015: ISIS Meth Heads: Tweeking in the Name of Islam


Ultimately, The Root Cause:

And why do so many young people “need” pharmaceuticals to deal with developmental and psychiatric disorders?  They “need” them to deal with the brain damage they’ve already received from the overloaded modern vaccine schedule.

World Mercury Project 02/14/2018: Related Epidemics? Teen Mental Health Crisis & Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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