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And I thought I had a long commute!

just some empty spacejust some empty space Investigator: I just watched a couple of documentaries on Elon Musk and his projects/companies. He unconsciously lives by Trump’s motto, “If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.” And Musk thinks REALLY big. I had long resented Musk because he coopted Tesla’s heroic name for his car company, but now I see how all his projects are connected together, and his determination to change, not just this world, but at least two or three worlds (Earth, Moon, & Mars), at least as much as Tesla transformed this one.

discussion on why I think Elon Musk needs bodyguards to protect his life

Musk is a bit of a dope and runs hot and cold in his alternate kind words and mouthing off at Trump on Twitter — but Trump understands this behavior as he uses it himself to his own advantage, and what’s really going on is that Trump plays his own genius very close to his vest because he has so many enemies. But by setting evil people up to expose their own true intentions, Trump is slaying the dragons that have been, frankly, maliciously suppressing space exploration for over 40 years. He is literally clearing the way for Musk to do what he does, whereas Musk is just too busy with his own projects to realize what’s happening in mere “politics”.

In reality, though, Trump has his sights set on higher goals than even Mars. He has his sights set on the stars, because he is aware of the (documented) government’s dark ops space program that has already obsoleted rockets. (Yes, we shot down the disks in Roswell and reverse engineered their electro-magnetic-gravitics drives, anti-gravity, before you and I were even born – and – Trump’s uncle Professor John G. Trump of MIT is whom the FBI called to translate the papers they had confiscated from Nikola Tesla’s apartment when Tesla died. You think John G didn’t tell Donald?)

So we used obsolete WW II technology rickety rockets, burned up the men in Apollo 1, sent men to the moon, and killed 2 entire crews of space shuttles, when we had this other far more elegant stuff all along. If Elon Musk knew this, he wouldn’t be using rockets. But Trump knows it, and has dropped hints that his goals are far beyond Mars. But he has not slayed all the oppression dragons yet, and most people cannot bear so much good news at once yet anyway.

I do think God sends people for His reasons at exactly the right times in history, and both of these men will go down in the history books as household names for many centuries. So what if they’re both a little quirky. Uniformity is the siren call of the oppressors.

Person 1: Sadly, NASA has been part of The Swamp. It has been infested with policy wonks for too long. Policy Wonks are management types who have never done anything technical, but think they know it all, because they once took a freshman level engineering class, but then switched majors to business administration.

Investigator: Well, this goes way way back. Whether or not NASA even wanted to be swamp, they’ve been played for decades, up through Obama overtly canceling the Mars project, and designating NASA as nothing but a “Muslim outreach” organization anyway.

We got to the moon even on the rickety obsolete rockets, but it took Nixon less than 5 years to shut it down. There was to have been an Apollo 18, but it conveniently never got scheduled. Why? 2 Reasons. 1) When we got to the moon, it was occupied. We have the audio from Armstrong & Aldrin talking about things on the surface watching them. That’s not what really bothered Nixon, but it scared Carter shitless, so he announced basically that we were never going back and we were going to just hang out in low earth orbit forever doing experiments designed by school children to appease the masses.

But 2) the REAL reason we did not go back to the moon or anywhere else is that the order came down in the mid 70’s from the UN/NWO and their Depopulation Agenda that we had to confine all of humanity to the earth, so that they could shoot all the fish in the barrel and exterminate us before we got off world and “contaminated” the rest of the solar system. They were afraid if that happened, and mankind scattered to the winds, they’d never get all the feathers collected again. (They are answering to Satan, some of whom I’m convinced have face to face contact with him.)

Anyway, this is why they are in such a HURRY and a PANIC to come up with an effective weaponized incurable deadly pandemic and gin up enough public hysteria to force everyone to actually have it injected into themselves and their children, under the pretext of “vaccinating against it”. Year after year they keep trying. They even published they were sooooo disappointed Ebola burned itself out, because they wanted more time to develop the injection for it. So now with people catching on to the game and refusing disease injections, and the vaccine industry collapsing, they are trying to set up legal mandates in all states, to legally mandate all vaccines for all ages, so they can then pull the trigger at their convenience. Dr. Mengele had nothing on them.

So expect war over humanity’s escaping the planet before we can be exterminated. This is their last gasp. The U.N. has even already announced that it’s putting up a space station big enough to hold a “chosen 100,000 people” and armed with weapons, to shoot down any other ships that try to leave the earth with people on them. (Search on “Asgardia”.)

The good news is, you should see what Trump is doing behind the scenes, under cover of this DOJ & FBI melt down, to take down the swamp in the HHS, CDC, & FDA! That’s really the bigger news and what he’s doing is so freaking clever, the msm won’t even cover it, (but I do on my radio show). He’s yanking the vaccine fraud right out from under them.

So be prepared. With Elon Musk taking us to Mars within 10 years and the growing recognition, particularly by Trump, of their weaponizing of the vaccine & food industries too (you should listen to yesterday’s show), it will be war before it’s over. Right now they’re waging economic war via the stock market & the Fed raising interest rates to kill the U.S. recovery. Expect it to escalate to violence. Satan stops at nothing. They’ve already executed over 80 well known naturopathic doctors, who were showing thousands and thousands of people how to escape big pharma medicine, and they’ve BEEN trying to take out Trump, and if they don’t manage it, they will target Elon Musk and SpaceX, because going to Mars is moving faster than they ever expected, and they need to buy themselves some time to stuff human progress back in the bottle.

It’s amazing to watch. You can’t make this stuff up.

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