Brand New Show! – Politics and Prophecy w/ host Chris Levels – 03-12-2018

Monday 03/12/2018 – 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT (Show Notes)

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Politics and Prophecy, host Chris Levels

Politics and Prophecy, host Chris Levels

The Politics & Prophecy Show, Get Leveled!

School shootings get a lot of attention these days. The first reaction of the left is to ban guns. The right speaks of armed guards and teachers. Are these the right things to focus on?

My guests will discuss this topic from another angle by asking the question “Should our children be in these institutions in the first place? Michelle Gonzales will discuss this topic from the position of the American housewife. My next guest is the esteemed Col. E. Ray Moore who leads the nationwide organization Exodus Mandate.

The third segment features Vietnam veteran turned evangelist Manny Adame who will bless us with wisdom and truth.

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