Just Before Dawn (3hrs), host Will Wacholtz & cohost Tricia – 03/10/2018

Saturday 03/10/2017 – 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST (Show Notes)

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Just Before Dawn

Tonight we will be furthering the discussion into the ongoing saga of our evolving world. Exopolitical news detailing the control we have been enduring and what that has caused us to be robbed of. From technologies that would allow us to be removed from oil resources to medical advancements that would virtually eliminate disease to solving world hunger.

Will also be discussing the recent youtube purge and subsequent purge of other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter etc of alternative news reporting. What don’t they want us to know?

Phone lines open for listener participation.

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Source: Just Before Dawn w/ Host Will Wacholtz 03/10/2018 by FreedomizerRadio | News Podcasts

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