New Show! – Tantra with Tara (90 mins) – 03/13/2018

Tuesday 03/13/2018 – 9pm PDT  =  Wednesday 03/14/2018 12am EDT (Show Notes)

Tantra with Tara – Are you curious about Tantra?  Did you know Tantra isn’t just about sacred sexuality?  Join Tara, founder of Naked-Earth Tantra and discover what Tantra is REALLY about.


We will begin each show with a short guided meditation to drop into intention, then explore the 100’s of modalities of Tantra through profound guests, book reviews, lessons, practices and juicy conversation.  Topics may include and evolve around breath work, the chakra system, Tantra for couples, masculine/feminine energy, relationships, nature based (shamanic) healing, ceremonies, healing plants, body movement, earthing, history of Tantra, Tantra for individuals, Tantric events, Polyamory, sexuality, spiritual awakenings, yoga, personal stories and experiences and much more!


Explore and learn the Tantric way of life as we dive deep and journey together to become happier, better and more connected people.  Let’s also get a little saucy and silly as we navigate Tantra – “the new yoga”.


“Tantra is shifting and deepening the lives, spirits and hearts of people all over the world.  Invite Tantra to shift yours.” – Tara L. Skubella

Learn more about Tara and Naked-Earth Tantra:

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