Against the Grain (90mins), host Known as Sam, w/ guest Courtney Meredith – 04/11/2018

Wednesday 04/11/2018, 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show Notes)

Against The Grain with show host Known As Sam

Wednesday @ 4:30PM Pacific Time or 7:30PM Eastern Time

Guest speakers featured every week whose knowledge, careers or lifestyle are based outside of societal engineered norms.

This week’s guest – Courtney Meredith

Courtney MeredithBorn in a small town outside of Winnipeg and raised all over western Canada. I was always trying to find myself and was a bit of an odd ball. I started draw at a young age as a way to express myself. All along the way I hit many walls, mostly from my own family. In 2007 I moved to saskatoon and slowly became myself in many ways and more so when I met my best friend. She taught me that if ppl don’t like you for who you are then that’s ok because there are people who would like you by just being you. In 2014 I started doing beadwork as a way of dealing with depression do to infertility. It started with very simple patterns and work my way up to more complex things and designing my own work. I do sell but I’m a super big believer in the barter system. Trade is in my opinion far better. And I’m always looking for more people like me. My only wish/hope is that more people learn about this system and embrace it.

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