Journey Into Freedom (3hrs), w/host Red Gypsy & co-host Scarlet Anonymous, following up with special guest Brian D. Hill – 04/23-24/2018

Monday 04/23/2018 9pm PDT = Tuesday 04/24/2018 12am EDT (Show Notes)

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Journey into Freedom

Brian D. Hill

Brian D. Hill

We had Brian David Hill on just a few weeks ago for him to share his truth with all of us who wanted to listen which in fact turned out to be a lot of you, he has since made some new filings and has some updates on his case! So we are having him back to share again more of his truth so we can all be aware of what these secret societies are capable of and doing! This is a huge major thing happening to Brian and they have gotten away with it for so long! Now we are seeing these same things starting to happen to others such as Alex Jones this is how it started for Brian if you missed it you can find the replays of Brian on Journey Into Freedom and Clarity After Dark leading to this update episode! Hope you join us! We will be doing weekly guidance some homestead updated and some normal fun and antics before being joined by Brian! Contact me on or under Red Gypsy Donations accepted Email

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Source: Journey Into Freedom w/ host Red Gypsy and co-host Scarlet Anonymous, w/ special guest David Mauriello of the Oppenheimer Ranch – 04/16-17/2018

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