Against the Grain (90mins), host Known as Sam, w/guest speaker Tara Reid – 05/16/2018

Wednesday 05/16/2018, 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show Notes)

Against The Grain with show host Known As Sam

Wednesday @ 4:30PM Pacific Time or 7:30PM Eastern Time

Guest speakers featured every week whose knowledge, careers or lifestyle are based outside of societal engineered norms.

Tara is a single mom raising two teenagers, her son is almost 17 and her daughter is 14 years old. Aside from being a mom, which is the most important thing she will ever do, her biggest passions are helping women through pregnancy, childbirth and helping families navigate through the transitions into a new family unit. Honoring the journey for the baby, and protecting the sacred space of the MotherBaby unit. A passionate feminist, lover of earth and nature, Tara is about to celebrate her 45th birthday and has spent the last handful of years focusing on how her life can be meaningful and leave a positive mark on this world.


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Source:  Against the Grain, with weekly special guest speakers – 05/16/2018

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