Against the Grain (90mins), host Known as Sam with Sherri Holley – 05/09/2018

Wednesday 05/09/2018, 7:30pm EDT, 4:30pm PDT (Show Notes)


Against The Grain with show host Known As Sam

Wednesday @ 4:30PM Pacific Time or 7:30PM Eastern Time

Guest speakers featured every week whose knowledge, careers or lifestyle are based outside of societal engineered norms.

Tune in for a Coffee Talk with Sherri!

Sherri Holley, an elder midwife of almost 40 years is sharing her knowledge and experiences by answering your questions.
Tune into Against the Grain Radio Show to hear questions answered such as:

– Sherri’s opinion on freebirth.
– Vbac help.
– How midwifery and the views on midwifery have shifted over the last 40 years.
– Frank breaches

And more!

Samantha, Known as Sam

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Source:  Against the Grain, with weekly special guest speakers – 05/09/2018

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