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New California Law Limits How Much Water People Can Use – May 31, 2018

Easy cheap Desalinization system only 5 years ago, that never saw the light of day:

Desalination With Small Electrical Fields — Simple New Method May Revolutionize Seawater Desalination – June 30, 2013

Huge ‘Ocean’ Discovered Inside Earth

giant ocean under the earth (06/05/2018)


Israel Proves the Desalination Era Is Here

One of the driest countries on Earth now makes more freshwater than it needs

Scientific American, July 29, 2016

What about South Africa’s water shortage?  Can Israel help them?

Cape Town ‘Day Zero’ pushed back to 2019 as dams fill up in South Africa

Reuters, April 3, 2018

In California, despite end of drought!!  Because it’s not about “water conservation”, or even water shortage.  It’s about control  of the population and eugenics.

Agenda 21: No Showering, Laundry On Same Day Due to Water Limits

Infowars, June 2, 2018

comments & book link

California turning into third-world under Agenda 21 rules

Love how this commenter below jumped on the opportunity to expose yet another suppressed science!!

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James Bennett • an hour ago

File this under hoarded life changing information (it’s a big file).
The Earth ‘makes’ water – it can be accessed in MANY, MANY places thought to be arid, with no accessible water.
There are oceans of clean, potable water beneath us! (except adjacent to fracking)
The hydrological cycle has FOUR facets – not three.

Gaddafi had a Primary Water project well underway.
It would have transformed the Region into an agricultural utopia.
The Globalist neocons made sure the destroyed his extensive aqueducts as part of their bombing campaign.

Water has been privatized in our Corpratocracy.
The biggest players on the Planet are ‘Stakeholders’ (do you remember that term from civics class?).
As such, it is in their interest to create and / or portray lack and scarcity.
Largely to manipulate the Supply & Demand dynamic.
As an instrument of control; imposing the land use tenets of The Agenda.
As an instrument to crash agriculture and control / minimize production.
Picking winners and losers.

Hydrologist Mike Salzman released a book in 1961 (avail. PDF on line) called ‘New Water for a Thirsty World’.
Jerry Brown’s dad Pat stood to make a fortune on the Ca. Aqueduct.
He had his minions buy up and destroy most all the copies available.
I paid $100. for an old dog eared paperback.

Share Primary Water info far and wide.

My response:

Thank you! I’ve found the .pdf and downloaded it. ( ) This sounds not unlike Jerome Corsi’s book “Black Gold”, about the real source of oil.

Wow! “New Water for a Thirsty World” has a forward written by Aldous Huxley, author of “Brave New World”! I’ve always been disgusted by the world’s refusal to desalinate, especially California with its 1,100 mile long coastline!

I knew Hillary/Obama had killed Gaddafi on behalf of their IMF friends, over water not oil, because he was building giant farms using the water under the Sahara to feed all of Africa, but I didn’t know where that water had come from.

Now we’re very close to “water disclosure”, as just last week the headlines announced a giant ocean under the earth’s crust that has more water than all the surface oceans put together. ( )

Trump is a reader, and he must have read this book you recommend, because he’s doing slow disclosure not just UFOs, but on water-powered cars, too, because NASA is all over the place with glee announcing water on Mars & the Moon, too, because that means they can split out the hydrogen to drive their rovers & cars. So WTF? Water cars are ok for the Moon & Mars, but not on Earth??? People will catch on to that nonsense.

Book on water science suppression, 1960, with forward by Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World.  Almost all hard copies were bought up and destroyed by corporate interests in strangling your water supply.  1 copy left at Amazon for over $100.

Or just download pdf here:  (11 MB)

In case it goes missing, find it archived here, or here (11 MB)

More at Primary Water Institute




Same story as oil, btw, but book still available… but “selling out fast”, says Amazon:



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