Politics and Prophecy (3hrs) host Chris Levels, w/ guests Willie Richardson Jr. and Phillis Phelps – 07/19/2018

Thursday 07/19/2018 – 3pm EDT, 12pm PDT (Show Notes)

The Politics & Prophecy Show, Get Leveled!


Politics and Prophecy, host Chris Levels

Politics and Prophecy, host Chris Levels

3 – 3:30 News/Audio clips


3:33 – Edwards Notebook (bottom of every hour)


4 – 5 Phyllis Phelps – Phyllis is married with three adult children and seven grandchildren.


Through her own personal testimony, she shares the love of God, faith, and hope. Phyllis graduated from New Life Home for Women and Children in 1984, and Youth With a Mission in 1985.


Since 2012, Phyllis enjoyed many opportunities to teach and volunteer at New Life Home and recently completed an intense director’s training program under New Life’s leadership team.


House of Hope, NHPhyllis currently leads a Women’s Jail Ministry,  served on the Gen Now youth team for six years as well as an active member at Christian Life Fellowship since 2005.


Phyllis’ vision along with her husband Bill’s , is to bring hope to those suffering with substance abuse disorder through a long- term residential program  in the Monadnock Region.


5 – 6 –Willie Richardson Jr. – Willie Richardson, Jr. is a native of Memphis, TN. He’s an Author, Mentor, Educator, Speaker, Advocate for youth and families, and a Certified Relationship/Marriage Coach. He is a passionate teacher and tackles the controversial topics of today head on. He is bold and challenges others to see beyond sight. He has a father’s heart and mentors many daughters and sons which has catapulted him into his very successful book written to daughters and the fathers who love them called Game Over: A Father Unfolds The Untold Game Of Relationships, Sex, & Marriage. It’s a book detailing the Father/Daughter relationship and how it shapes a woman’s perspective on men, love, sex, relationships, and marriage. Mr. Richardson has appeared on Radio talk shows, news interviews, and podcasts offering solutions to social ills in our society. He’s travelled to West Africa teaching the message of abstinence education to help end the AIDS epidemic.

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