Clarity After Dark (3hrs), w/host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-Host Red Gypsy – 10/26-27/2018

Friday 10/26/2018, 9pm PDT = Saturday 10/27/2018, 12am EDT (Show Notes)

Clarity After Dark

Friday Nights 11pm CST on Freedomizer Radio


Join us For Clarity After Dark With your Lifestyle Consultant & Radio Host Scarlet Anonymous & Co-host (Metaphysical Practitioner) Red Gypsy examining the other side and through the veil.


As so above as Below, and the land, between the firmament of the Human experience which as we all must know is not easily known, trusted or revered of, but treated as unimportant pieces none the less of an everlasting puzzle we have decided to decode whilst here called life.


The stories you will hear may be true or could be imagination or someones dream, it could also be wishful thinking but what if its YOUR TRUTH? We hope to wade through the edges of consciousness & awareness go to the cutting edge of radio! Bringing to you stories, data, and facts Metaphysical, Paranormal, ParaPolitical, Science Business, Extreme Earth and Universal Changes to move closer to the ether, grab hold to those things not easily charted by science or conventional knowledge or wisdom nor by just Ancient  text, Prophet, Mythos, or holy book scribe, and acknowledge each persons unique experiences of life and connection to their civilization by individual Cultures making the collective conscious, there by making each one of us and our lives Unique & a special cultivation deserving of  understanding, righteousness, Forgiveness, Love and truth.


Come join us as we peel away the layers of the unseen,unknown,& uncharted ,
we hope you tune in LATE NIGHT 9Pm Pacific to get ready to find a Clarity After Dark!!!!


Call in our Live Number in the last hour for questions if there is time 319-527-6208 Chat Live ALL SHOW!!!




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