Talia Like It Is Show: host Talia, Ft Demetra DeVissher – Homeschooling in CA (90min) – 02/21/2019

Thursday 02/21/2019, 1:30pm EST, 10:30am PST (Show Notes)

Talia Like It Is

Today’s show is featuring Demetra DeVissher, a mother of two in CA who is homeschooling and has been an advocate for medical freedoms/informed consent for years. She is the first guest for the homeschooling episodes to go over what exactly these days entail, how she got started and why, and what’s she’s prepping for next!




Talia Cruz, Talia Like It IsIt has never been more clear that we, the people, must unite to preserve our freedom.


With the fight we had in CA fighting SB277, Oregon with SB442 and now SB895 and other medical mandates, with similar fights around the country against the systematic attempt to remove our medical choice and medical freedoms, I welcome you to listen in to Talia Like It Is.


This is an becoming a global movement. Governments in Australia, Italy, and all over are following suit in the outrageous CDC schedule, and parents are fighting back.


The idea is to take the “vaccine-choice” movement, the home birth/natural birth, home schooling/un-schooling and the “food-choice/anti-GMO” movement and blend them. It’s all about INFORMED CONSENT with me, folks. Being properly informed and then making those decisions for your family how you see fit. Combining these movements is simply the next step in winning the fight to know what is going into our bodies and preserving that choice. I need more parents and soon-to-be parents to wake up and begin the research. Join me!

Source:  Talia Like It Is : Featuring Talia 02/21/2019

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