Journey into Freedom (3hrs), with host Red Gypsy, cohost Scarlet Anonymous – 03/04-05/2019

Monday 03/04/2019, 9pm PST = Tuesday 03/05/2019, 12am EST
Journey Into Freedom   (Show Notes) (Past Shows)
Monday 03/04/2019, 9pm PST = Tuesday 03/05/2019, 12am EST (Show Notes)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Journey into Freedom

We are going to be discussing informed consent and mandation of vaccines dropping some information on a big Rally being planned in Colorado in Denver for Informed consent and speaking against a bill that is being talked about being written right now! We always get a little spiritual and we are always live with open lines so you can call in and join the conversation! Can’t wait to have another amazing episode of JiF tonight with you all! Who knows what guests we may have and what other topics we may hit! So mark the time and join us only on


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