Ancient of Days (90mins) w/ host and author, Tessa B. Dick – 04/14/2019

Sunday 04/14/2019 – 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT (Show Notes)

Ancient of Days – Great Talk Radio!

3 P.M. Pacific, 6 P.M. Eastern


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Tune in for 3 hours of great talk radio:  Ancient of Days, followed by Counter Culture WISE

Host Tessa B. Dick

with host Tessa Dick

Prolific author and visionary

Tessa B. Dick, An Interview
Firebright and the Edge of Reality, by Tessa B. Dick
Dim Reflection of Philip K. Dick, by Tessa B. Dick
My Life on the Edge of Reality, a Memoir, by Tessa B. Dick
Quachi and other Stories and Poems, by Tessa B. Dick
Philip K. Dick, Remembering Firebright, by Tessa B. Dick
The Owl in Daylight, by Tessa B. Dick
Conversations with Philip K. Dick, by Tessa B. Dick
Cookbook for the Kitchen Challenged, by Tessa B. Dick
Allegro’s Mushroom, by Tessa B. Dick
2012 and Beyond, Ancient Secrets and Mysteries, by Tessa B. Dick

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