Counter Culture WISE (3hrs) – w/ hosts Mélanie & Jim – 04/14/2019

Sunday 04/14/2019 – 9pm, EDT, 6pm PDT (Show Notes)

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Counter Culture WISE – Great Talk Radio!


Three-hours of fun, news, commentaries, rants, and spoofs. Of course, Max the orange tabby feels it is his sworn duty to contribute more…so…we’ll see.



Tune in for News of the Weird and Wonderful, parodies of current news events, advice from Dog Abby, cmmentary on current events, and Jim’s moment of positivity.


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Cohost – Jim

And of course, Dog Abby

Advice Columnist, Dog Abby

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8 Fatal Mistakes Made by Self-Publishers, by Mélanie Hope
The Battle Plan, by Mélanie Hope
The Ghostwriter Preparation Kit, by Mélanie Hope
Get Over It & Get Started, by Mélanie Hope
Improve Your Bottom Line, by Mélanie Hope
The Memoir Kit, by Mélanie Hope
Nose-to-Nose Networking, by Mélanie Hope
The Snipr’s Guide to Leadership, by Mélanie Hope
What’s Wrong with These People, by Mélanie Hope

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About Mélanie

Co-host of CounterCultureWISE radio, Mélanie writes, teaches, and (badly) animates. She loves to help kids learn new things - mainly learn to learn - and aspires to help folks reach their potential by teaching them how to seek education before accepting what they're told. Oh, and freaking LAUGH!!!

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