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Weird Al Yankovic & his new Lorde parody, ‘Foil’




Weird Al Yankovic has been on fire as of late. He is in the middle of dropping a new video a day to promote his new  album, “Mandatory Fun”.

On one of his videos, he parodies Lorde with a song called “Foil”.

On the first verse, Weird Al goes into what he does best – discussing food. He shares how he prefers aluminum foil over other food saving devices.

Sounds fun enough.

The second verse goes NOWHERE I would ever expect a Weird Al song to go. He has a song discussing Illuminati, New World Order, world domination, etc.

I LOVE the fact he put the Illuminati out there. More people will now research new World order to see what is and is not true.

My only question is – Is he slamming the New World Order? Or slamming the people that understand there is an upcoming World Domination?


Quote here is from the Los Angeles Times:

Weird Al Yankovic is not only winning the Internet this week, he’s doing so in Germany-vs-Brazil like fashion. As part of the rollout to his new masterpiece “Mandatory Fun,” the king of music parodies has been unveiling a video per day, and so far he hasn’t missed.

Wednesday morning’s premiere is one of the new record’s highlights: A take on New Zealand singer Lorde’s ubiquitous hit, “Royals.” In Weird Al’s hands, though, the song becomes an ode to … aluminum foil. ”


Weird Al Yankovic fears conspiracies in his new Lorde parody, ‘Foil’ – LA Times.