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NSA spooks are in your cell phone

Before Edward Snowden turned coat on the NSA and spilled the beans on their spying practices most Americans were oblivious to the NSA or just didn’t care. Most Americans had a devil-may-care attitude and went about their business watching football games and having a beer. Besides aren’t the cloak & dagger boys and girls of the NSA are after ‘terrorists’? That’s what the government would have you believe although it has been publicized that gun enthusiasts, conservative Christians, and those that advocate protecting the 1st and 2nd amendments fall somewhere in a gray area and must be monitored as well.

Meanwhile government officials turn a blind eye to people flowing across our borders and wreaking all sorts of havoc.

According to this CNN article there are number of ways you can fix the problem but how many people are actually going to take the time and trouble to buy a purported shielded case to keep the prying ears of the NSA away from your phone. Are you really going to take the time to remove the battery from your phone? What about the suggestion that you dig into the firmware settings in your phone to disable the NSA from remotely powering up your phone?

Besides what about the collaboration between the corporations that manufacture the phones and the NSA? Are you really going to trust Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T to keep the spooks out of your phone? Just remember that all these phones are made in China and/or  Malaysia and they might have some interest in doing some snooping as well.

“How did they get into your phone in the first place? Here’s an explanation by former members of the CIA, Navy SEALs and consultants to the U.S. military’s cyber warfare team. They’ve seen it firsthand.”

via How the NSA can ‘turn on’ your cell phone remotely – Jun. 6, 2014.

Zombies And the Cell Phone Zombie Apocalypse.

Zombies are featured in cable television series. Zombies are in the movies. Homeland Security drills for the zombie apocalypse. Surprise, the zombie apocalypse is right outside your front door. The zombies are in the shopping mall. They’re driving up and down the interstate. You’ll likely to see a zombie at your next 4-way stop with one or two zombies traversing the pedestrian crossing.

We’re all definitely all plugged into the zombie network unless you live in a cave in the Yukon, but with Google recently purchasing a satellite manufacturer the zombie army is likely to be camped there in the future.

The current techno-backlash is over Google Glass and privacy issues. This is ironic because most cell phones zombies are carrying today have cameras both front and back. If you visit Youtube the zombies are filming the most absurd things many times without the consent of the zombies around them.So what’s the big deal with Google Glass and having the camera on your forehead instead of your hand? The video dashboard camera is making traction with zombies putting them in the car both front and the rear. The police already have them. A single dashboard camera can be had for under $100. I guess the real techno-backlash with Google Glass is probably the $1500 price tag. Once the price comes down zombies will be lining up to get them and privacy concerns will go right out the window and they’ll be another rush to put something absurd on Youtube.

So we currently we have cell phone zombies anticipating the coming zombie apocalypse. If you want the latest news on the zombie apocalypse as you’re strolling through the zombie shopping mall checking out the latest in zombie fashion at Wal-Mart just remember to look up once in awhile so you don’t bump into the zombie next to you.



“Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse has materialized and we are it. Everywhere you look you find the deathlike trance- frozen faces of we necromantic slaves with twitching fingers.”

via Our Phone Obsession Is Turning Us Into Zombies | Alternet.

Asteroid Near Earth 2014

Asteroids occupy what would be considered the Solar System’s natural landfill. Most asteroids are tucked neatly away in an asteroid belt that sits in between Mars and Jupiter. They range in size anywhere from a grain of sand up to something about a third of the size of our moon. Some asteroids are dustier, less dense, and lighter in color while others are forebodingly dark, more dense, and composed of nickel and iron.

There tends to be a lot of random motion amongst  the asteroids as they orbit in unison around the sun. There’s a lot of bumping and grinding going  on causing them to break into smaller pieces of debris. The combined gravitational force of the asteroid belt keeps things tidy most of the time. But once in great while Jupiter’s gravitational field stirs things around and will toss an asteroid out of the great belt causing it to wander across our Solar System seeking a new orbit.

This is where things get dicey. Fate has it that most of these wandering asteroids are very dark and are often spotted later rather than sooner by astronomers. Size really matters here as we witnessed with the recent asteroid that came down in Siberia. That particular asteroid wasn’t that large and went undetected by the astronomical community. Luckily it fell into a fairly remote area. By the time it was noticed it was too late, some building’s windows were shattered, a handful of  people were injured, and the rest of them screamed and pooped in their pants.

This particular asteroid, known to astronomers as  2014 HQ124, was spotted back in late April. They’re just now telling us about it. Thanks. Fortunately for us on Earth this one is passing by at a safe distance of 3 lunar distances, that’s about 770,000 miles as the UFO flies. What’s is really worrisome about all these rogue asteroids is that are being spotted more frequently. On the other hand it might be our improved telescopes, especially the robotic telescopes that don’t sleep and continuously scan the skies.

This one asteroid has grabbed a lot of attention since it very dark and metallic. It is 10 to 20 times the size of the asteroid that recently came to Earth in Siberia. If this particular asteroid were aimed toward Earth – even at a glancing blow it would be cataclysmic and could possibly create a toilet paper shortage for the survivors because there would be a lot of people pooping in their pants.  Let’s just hope that we have many more near misses in the future.

“A newfound asteroid will safely pass Earth on June 8 from a distance of about 777,000 miles (1.25 million kilometers), more than three times farther away than our moon.” via Asteroid Discovered by NASA to Pass Earth Safely – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Homeless Spikes – London

Homeless people  have always been part of our society. According to Deuteronomy 15:7-8, “If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother. Rather be openhanded and freely lend him whatever he needs.” It looks like this has been overlooked by the private citizens of this block of luxury flats located in London.

The poor here are being treated like pigeons rather than human beings. It doesn’t matter if you install spikes to prevent pigeons from roosting since the birds of the air neither sow nor reap, but your fellow man is different. This is simply the act of hard-heart people that have accumulated wealth and have no compassion for their fellow man and no inclination to lend them a helping hand.

Kathrine Stokes, 39, of Hull, East Yorkshire, photographed studs outside Tesco in Regent Street, London and uploaded the picture on Twitter.

She said: “It’s sad. It demonstrates a meanness and a lack of humanity for people.”

Some of the residents of these luxury flats were interviewed in this article and out of shame and disregard they only want to give only their first name or remain anonymous. There is one question that is nagging about this situation – Who will take the blame if someone that is not homeless or handicapped falls on the spikes and is injured? Although it nots likely to happen it would be interesting to see if the spikes are removed and who would answer up for the injured individual?

I think it is more important to focus on helping your fellow man rather than treating them like vermin.

“Metal spikes have been installed outside a block of luxury flats in London to deter homeless people from sleeping there.”

via ‘Homeless spikes’ installed outside London flats – Telegraph.

Voices in Your Head – Military Madness

Voices in one’s head is often a complaint of people suffering from schizophrenia. If you take a quick peek out your window today you’ll often see someone  walking down the street or driving their car responding to an invisible voice. You would start to think that the world has gone mad and there is as many mentally ill people walking the streets as there are in your local asylum.

If you want to have your own voices in your head a quick trip to your local cell phone store or kiosk  is all that is necessary. There are dozens of cell phones available to bring you the cacophony of the Internet along with phone calls and all those beeps and boops from your social media pals. The voices in your head come with different options to pay. You can pay monthly, prepay, or even sign a short-term contract. Why bother with government healthcare and waiting to be admitted to entertain the voices in your head?

If you don’t have the money to get your own cell phone or perhaps you’re out of job or the local nuthouse is full it’s difficult to entertain the voices in your head. One option you have is to get together with other folks like you and petition your government to give you a leg up on the madness that you crave.

Don’t despair our bloated military industrial complex has the solution and they’re not hiding it. All you have to do is go out and practice some civil disobedience and will be brought to you in the form of an Active Denial Systems that will paint you with electromagnetic energy making you feel like you’ve gotten a nasty sunburn. If that’s not enough the Sierra Nevada Corporation brings you something called MEDUSA(Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio). It’s meant to muffle an angry crowd, but unfortunately it cooks your brain in the process.

If you not in the protesting mood and don’t feel like getting a nasty electromagnetic sunburn or having your brain soft-scrambled there’s always the Obama phone. Hopefully there’s a few left so you can entertain those voices in your head.

“His positive symptoms included a delusion that he was being sadistically tortured by the government via microwave technology.”

via Can the Military Actually Put Voices in Your Head?.

Mind altering lasers – dancing fruit flies

Mind altering lasers have been recently developed by a group of scientists at the Vienna University of Technology. The device developed by scientists is humorously called FlyMAD, which stands for Fly Mind Altering Device, and is composed of infrared lasers. The laser is aimed at specific brain cells gradually warming them and causing the fly’s behavior to change. The scientists have discovered that by aiming the mind altering lasers at specific areas within the fruit fly’s brain causes them to go into a courtship dance.

The scientists have found the mind altering laser’s sweet spot to be around 30 degrees Celsius, which is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine a warm summer day. Scientists hope to pinpoint exactly which neurons in the fruit fly’s brain are responsible for specific behaviors. Can this type of thing be scaled up to humans?

Are these mind altering lasers being secretly used by the military industrial complex? These type of question will remain on the table until it is accidentally divulged in a dirty Washington scandal when a corporate lobbyist tries to warm the jellyfish brain of congressman to vote in favor of some sort of coveted funding. In the meantime it might actually be a good idea to don your tinfoil hat.

“Scientists have created a thermogenetic tool that can alter a fly’s mind and make it sing and dance”. via Mind altering lasers makes fruit flies ‘sing and dance’ | Descrier News.

Meteor Showers Comet 209P/Linear| StarDate Online

A new meteor shower is on tap for the continental United States as the Earth passes through an old debris field left behind in the 1700’s by Comet 209P/LINEAR. Comet 209P/LINEAR is a short term periodic comet that orbits roughly every five years between the orbits of Earth and Jupiter. Comet 209P/LINEAR is usually a small dim comet that isn’t spectacular as other comets such as Hale-Bopp and Halley, yet it lays down the essential ingredients for a meteor shower like most other comets. Because of it’s orbit the Earth usually does not pass through the debris field it leaves behind to produce a meteor shower. According to astrophysicists Jupiter’s gravitational field has pushed the debris field left behind in the 1700’s so the Earth will be passing directly through it.

This gives an opportunity for those of Earth to be treated to a meteor shower that has never been witnessed in modern times. Other periodic meteor showers such as the Leonids and Geminids that can be observed from year to year tend to be predictable and average, but the debris field left behind by comet 209P/LINEAR has scientists guessing and we could be in for a spectacular show. Predictions are ranging anywhere from 200 to 1000 meteors per hour depending on which scientist you ask.

Some astrophysicists are pointing out that the debris particles left behind by comet 209P/LINEAR won’t be crashing into the Earth’s atmosphere as quickly as other comets’ debris. This will result in meteors that will light up the sky a little longer and produce longer streaks.

Tickets for this show tonight are free and courtesy of our Creator. No artificial fireworks needed.

“A brand new meteor shower could light up the pre-dawn sky on May 24, perhaps firing off hundreds of “shooting stars.””

via 2014 Meteor Showers | StarDate Online.

Hepatitis A accidental exposure Red Robin

Hepatitis A might have been accidentally spread by a Red Robin restaurant employee in Springfield, MO. An estimated 5,000 customers may have been exposed to hepatitis A. An employee of Red Robin had been diagnosed with hepatitis A

Health department officials with Springfield-Green county were notified about the illness Tuesday. State and federal officials rushed to get enough vaccine to innoculate customers that had visited the restaurant from the 8th through the 16th of May.Hepatitis A can affect the liver. Health officials hope to get as many customers vaccinated within a 2 week period otherwise the hepatitis A vaccine may not be effective.

Springfiled is located in southwest Missouri and has a population around 160,000 people.

Hepatitis A can be spread by the feces of an infected person that comes in contact with food or drink served to a restaurant customer. Proper hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of hepatitis a. Most cases of hepatitis A are not life threatening and symptoms clear up in a few weeks. Liver damage is rare with hepatitis A and there are instances of relapse. Yellowing of the eyes, nausea, vomiting, and fever are often the symptoms of an infection. A vaccine was introduced in the early 1990’s and cases of hepatitis a nationwide have dramatically decreased.

Another Red Robin employee in Stroudsburg, PA was diagnosed with hepatitis A in early May. Other incidents include a Teavana worker giving out tea samples in Indianapolis, MI. Shoppers might have been exposed on three occasions.

Drastic lifestyle changes like preparing more meals at home and raising our own food are good options to guard our health. If we rely on the FDA and CDC our lives may be in peril.

“Health officials worry that as many as 5,000 people could have been exposed to hepatitis A at a Red Robin restaurant here after a worker was diagnosed with the virus.

via Springfield Red Robin worker may have exposed thousands to hepatitis.”

Regional Newspapers Struggle to be Read| SBS News

Regional newspapers were a valuable source of news for many towns and cities in the United States. Many major metropolitan cities across the United States had at least two regional papers. Some larger cities had more. When a city had two regional papers one paper would be more conservative the other a little more liberal. Whatever the case the reader had a choice between two perspectives on the local news.

Corporate media groups have gobbled many regional newspapers across a wide swath of U.S. cities. Technology played a part in the decline of regional newspaper. Photocomposition, also known as cold type, replaced the Linotype press. Many skilled workers were put out of a job. Offset printing, which was lighter and cheaper, eventually replaced the Linotype. These factors combined to increase the bulk market value of newspapers. Heirs to these usually family owned regional newspapers could no longer bear the estate taxes forcing them to sell out to corporate media chains.

Family owned regional newspapers were quickly turned into public stock that was in turn were sold to large chains such as Gannet and Knight-Ridder.

Regional newspapers were no longer a public service, now the emphasis was on profit. The larger newspaper chains had political interests. The news was now lensed through politics. Political pressure created sanitized news. Any political opposition was quickly forced to the back pages or ignored completely.

The advent of the Internet forced further consolidation of corporate media. Newsroom staff member jobs were cut.

On the other hand the Internet has brought us independent bloggers and niche Internet radio that can bring us the important issues we face something the lamestream doesn’t want to talk about.

“That kind of news is available only in the local paper. It’s not the type of journalism that topples governments or uncovers the latest celebrity scandal, but the role of the local newspaper is arguably just as important.”

via Comment: Without local papers, regional voices would struggle to be heard | SBS News.

Godzilla 2014 – Movie Review

Godzilla was the science fiction movie of choice when I was growing up as a child. Back then televisions were simple affairs with mechanical channel changers with only 3 or 4 channels to choose from. The television world was a box where the world was black and white and the viewer, the actors, and announcers were in bed by 10 pm following a sign-off with patriotic music and movie clips reminding citizens of America’s military might. Television was sort of new back then and Godzilla was the late night sinful treat for kids staying up past their bedtime. The black and white Godzilla of those days was a bad monster keeping the really bad monsters at bay. At that age I never understood why we dropped atomic bombs on Japan and what all the fuss was about when it came to wars.

Godzilla sprang from Japan’s film industry after the devastation of World War II. Much of the nation was left homeless and starving. Now it’s 2014 and Godzilla has been rescripted and regurgitated dozens of times. The public runs to see the latest version. Times have changed and the message  carried by the old black and white Godzilla films of Japan’s World War II atomic devastation has been sanitized out. Godzilla is still portrayed as the ‘king of monsters’ in today’s modern versions but the message is more about environmental concerns, a smidgen of family drama, and a world free of atomic bombs.

I don’t want to spoil the most recent remake of Godzilla but rather tell you to be prepared to stick around for at least 2 hours. You’ll notice a tip of the hat to the movie ‘2012’ with all the metropolitan destruction and chaos. You’ll also get to see a tsunami that will remind you of the one that struck Indonesia in 2007. I don’t think they ever made a movie about that. Oh well, back to Godzilla. He still is the king of monsters and you get to see him belch after he nixes the idea of America using nuclear weapons.


Starfleet logos spotted on Mars – Weather Network


In 1966 the first episode of Star Trek debuted on television. The public was introduced to Captain Kirk and the Starfleet command. The previous year 1965 Mariner IV spacecraft made its first flyby of Mars and found a planet with little or no signs of intelligent life. Mariner IV took pictures of numerous craters and detected a thin atmosphere. There was no signs of Starfleet command. NASA wasn’t satisfied and continued planning and building more spacecraft to explore Mars.

In 1969 the last episode of original Star Trek series aired and eventually returned to the air as reruns in 1969. By 1969 NASA had flown Mariner 6 and 7 by Mars and discovered the surface of Mars was much different than our Moon. They discovered that the martian polar caps were composed of carbon dioxide. Still no signs of intelligent life or Starfleet command.

Fast forwarding to 2014 and after numerous Star Trek movies, sequels, and Star Trek conventions we have finally found Starfleet command on Mars in the form of sand dunes or barchan dunes as they are called by geologists on earth. Barchan dunes form or earth when the wind blows primarily in one direction carving a crescent shape dune. These dunes were recently imaged by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and eerily resemble the Starfleet command logo. Perhaps Mars is winking at us and trying to tell us something.

In the meantime we’ll patiently wait on Hollywood to bring us the next Star Trek movie sequel.

“Monday, May 12, 2014, 1:48 PM – Back in December, NASA scientists discovered a series of Martian sand dunes that bear a strong resemblance to the Starfleet logo from the Star Trek franchise.”

via News – To boldly go: Starfleet logos discovered on Mars – The Weather Network.

Pet Sick From Premium Kibble?- NaturalNews.com

Making your pet sick is something that a responsible pet owner wouldn’t want to do. Most pet owners adore their pets and try to feed them the premium pet foods available on the market. According to this Natural News article the ingredients in premium pet food may make you pet sick and be slowly killing them.

Some of the premium pet foods contain ingredients referred to as “4-D”, which stands for dead, dying, disabled and dead. Often these animal parts are nutritious for your pets, but in many cases these parts come from animals raised in factory farms and are tainted with things such as feces, bacteria, and growth hormones. There also might be higher levels of toxins and heavy metals than would be acceptable for human consumption. This article also points out litter from poultry farms being recycled and fed to the animals. This litter may also contain parts of dead rodents.

Moreover many of these premium pet foods that could make your pet sick contain questionable preservatives. One of the more worrisome preservatives is ethoxyquin, a chemical preservative linked to cancer.

Many pet food manufacturers also use fillers, such as wheat and corn, in their pet food recipes. This is especially an issue with dogs and cats which thrive on a raw diet of meat and these wheat and corn fillers are often genetically modified.

If you don’t want to make your pet sick carefully choose the pet foods that you use and scrutinize the ingredients label.

“According to the online pet pharmacy, PetMeds, by-products are ‘the leftover parts of the animal that are not suitable for human consumption’ and can include animal pieces such as necks, feet, bones, intestines and lungs,” explains The Screeching Kettle.

via Conventional kibble could be slowly killing your pets – NaturalNews.com.

1857 Shipwreck Gold off of South Carolina Coast


Shipwreck gold was recently discovered off the coast of South Carolina after the SS Central America met it’s fate with a hurricane in 1857 and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The shipwreck gold remained on the ocean floor 160 miles off the South Carolina coast until it was rediscovered in 1988 by a group of explorers backed by investors and led by  Ohioan Thomas Thompson. Eventually the group was able to recover a bounty of shipwreck  gold bullion weighing about 2 tons and worth more than 76 million in today’s dollars.

The SS Central America was a sidewheel steamer that operated between Central America and the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. in the 1850’s. It was also referred to as the Ship of Gold. During it’s voyage in 1857 it had been carrying 550 passengers and crew along with 30,000 lbs of gold. The shipwreck gold played a role in the Panic of 1857.

More recently the rediscovered bounty of shipwreck gold has set off a flurry of legal battles. Claimants quickly emerged from the cracks wanting to claim the gold. A majority of the claimants were insurance companies that had paid claims on the shipwreck gold in 1857.

In addition the lead explorer Thomas Thompson had  dodged court hearings surrounding the shipwreck gold and was able to sell a portion of his claim without sharing with his investors.


“Odyssey Marine Exploration last month explored the wreck of the ship, which went down in 1857 laden with so much gold that its sinking triggered a national financial panic, and the New York Times reports that the robot it sent to plumb the depths surfaced with quite the load: five gold bars clocking in at 66 pounds—or about $1.2 million.” via 1857 Shipwreck Gives Up More Gold – 5 bars of gold recovered from the SS Central America in April.

Wi-Vi system uses Wi-Fi to see through walls

The 21st century comes with the convenience of Wi-Fi communications that allow instantaneous access to information at the tap of finger almost anywhere we might be. Unfortunately Wi-Fi can be modified to operate as Wi-Vi that can be used to see through walls. Wi-Fi technology is based on similar technologies such as radar and sonar. When a Wi-Fi signal is directed at a wall part of the signal penetrates the wall and  and can be measured and displayed as a map that outlines the contours of objects on the other side of the wall. When Wi-Fi is used in this manner it is referred to as Wi-Vi. These maps can be interpreted to find and detect the movement of people or objects.

Wi-Vi is one of the many technologies in use at the United States/Mexican border to detect contraband and human smuggling. Although current Wi-Vi systems that are commercially available are too large and awkward to use as a handheld device. This isn’t to say that a handheld device isn’t available often the case is technology available to public typically is 30 years behind to what is available government agencies that often undisclosed budgets.

There are other types of technologies, such as millimeter wave imaging, that has had limited testing with police forces. Some of the initial results have been the ability to detect whether or not an individual is carry a weapon up to a distance of 25 feet. Other experiments have been done indicated that newer models of cars can be remotely shut down while they are being driven.

“Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed what could become low-cost, X-ray vision.”

via Wi-Vi system uses Wi-Fi to see through walls.

Synthetic Life Forms In The Lab

Researchers at Scripps Research Institute are dabbling with creating synthetic life. Scientists are betting on the creation of extended genome that can be inherited by successive generations. One of the goals stated by the article is insert the extended genome into bacteria so they can create proteins and possible drugs that would be impossible to create with current biochemistry.

One of Scripps Research Institute achievements in 2009 include regenerative medicine, also known as stem cells. Cells can be removed from a patient and used to create new organs for transplant that will not be rejected by the patient’s body.

Other achievements include work on blindness. In 2007 researchers were able to inhibit the growth of new blood vessels in test animals with neovascular eye disease. Similar tests were carried out on a vascular brain tumor with little or no effect on the normal tissue.

The genome or DNA contains two additional base pairs making it the first synthetic life form of its kind. This new synthetic life form created with the modified genome is unique and cannot be compared to other natural life forms. Floyd Romesburg, team leader of Scripp’s Research Institute scientists, concluded: “It’s a discovery that shakes our understanding of life by the scruff of the neck, challenging the preconception that DNA is somehow inalterable.”

“Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California have created the first synthetic life forms, constructed with the goal of passing on an extended genetic code to succeeding generations.”

via Synthetic Life Forms Created In The Lab | American News.

Armed Drones every country 10 years – Defense One


Armed drones are the future for America including many other countries in the world. Civil disobedience will be challenged by not only an armed police force but armed drones circling high overhead that will be resistant to angry citizens defying a suppressive government. China will play an important part in their distribution. The United Kingdom, China, and perhaps Iran have them. China is exporting them to Saudi Arabia since it is not illegal to export them unless they are used to attack another country. Other countries known to be developing them are South Africa and India.

According to Peter Singer, Brookings fellow and author of Wired For War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century. “You could soon have U.S. and Chinese made drones striking in the same region,” he noted.

Once the technology of armed drones is more widespread there will be a wide price range to choose from, starting with the most basic models up to the more advanced. Many other countries are interested in the more autonomous armed drones that can take off and land on their own accord. Some experts are skeptical of autonomous drones but Peter Singer disagrees, “As you talk about this moving forward, the drones that are sold and used are remotely piloted to be more and more autonomous. As the technology becomes more advanced it becomes easier for people to use.”

There is an important piece of international policy in place known as the Missile Technology Control Regime that most countries have signed with the exception of China. Without China’s signatory on this important international policy we could be facing a world awash in armed drone technology.





“Armed aerial drones will be used for targeted killings, terrorism and the government suppression of civil unrest.”

via Every Country Will Have Armed Drones Within Ten Years – Defense One.

Traffic Signs Improved by Citizen – NY Times

The traffic sign is part of private citizens commute experience. Most of our national roadways are controlled by a glut of bureaucracies. Often times these bureaucracies are over-staffed with people carrying out administrative task such as collect fees and generating internal paperwork. The task of creating a good traffic signs is often stifled. Keegan Stephan had grown tired of paying dozens of traffic tickets due to confusing traffic signs and struck out on her own creating her own traffic sign on her home computer. She went out and pasted over the traffic signs provided by the city with her own design. Many other citizens posted comments and notes praising her new design and many commented the city ought to hire her. The Department of Transportation promptly  removed most of  her traffic signs and publicly stated that only the ones provided by the city would be installed. Keegan Stephan stated, “With my signs what I tried to do is cover 24 hours of the day to clearly state when you can and can’t park,” she says. “Green would be for you can park, red would be for when you can’t park.” Meanwhile these New Yorkers will continue their short-term tactics to bring about the needed change.   Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/25417945/citizens-post-their-own-traffic-signs#ixzz30meNbvV6 Follow us: @myfoxny on Twitter | Fox5NY on Facebook “Projects like Nkki’s are part of a growing trend called “tactical urbanism” in which regular citizens using tactics to try to improve the urban environment without the government’s help.” via Citizens post their own traffic signs – New York News.

Homeless Parking Meter – YouTube

The mainstream media tells us that the economy is recovering and  there’s a myriad of non-profits vying for your spare change in name of making change for the homeless. Some are better than others and some are a scam. The idea of modifying a parking meter is an interesting concept, but I’m banking on there being a lot more parking meters collecting parking fees for the local municipalities than there are for collecting money for the homeless. My friend James Worley in Florida has been homeless for more than a year. When I first met James Worley he was one of the few people that was lucky enough to film an off-the-cuff video and have it go viral. He had his brief 15 minutes of fame when he was interviewed on a mainstream news broadcast. He’s a guy with a big heart who is interested in producing documentaries about things he is passionate about such as our veterans and homelessness.

James is a man with no bad habits such drugs, alcohol, or tobacco and knows how to ‘keep his powder dry’ so he can continue his quest as a passionate videographer. Please support James in his quest by sharing and subscribing to his YouTube channel.

“Homeless Parking Meter”

via Homeless Parking Meter – YouTube.

Bicyclist Shot by Police in El Cajon | NBC 7 San Diego

The summer heat is coming early this year in El Cajon, CA and the guns are blazing for transient bicyclists riding unlawfully on the  sidewalks. In the last couple of days police have shot two people here in El Cajon, CA in the last couple of days.

The previous incident involved two suspected parolees. When police approached the resident of the suspects one fled and the other was shot. In this most recent incident a male transient bicyclist refused to pull over when he was approached by police for unlawfully riding on the sidewalk. Police eventually cornered the transient male bicyclist in a car dealership lot. The man put his hands in the waistbands of his pants. Police suspected him of reaching for a weap0n and he was shot six times, once in the face. The man has been hospitalized in stable condition and is yet to be charged. As of this post he is in stable condition. One woman who knew the man commented that he had been disrespectful to neighborhood residents in the past, especially women, but had always been nice to her.

“Police in El Cajon shot a man they said was unlawfully riding his bicycle on a sidewalk Friday morning.”

via Bicyclist Shot by Police in El Cajon | NBC 7 San Diego.

Driver caught using cell phone jamming device – New York News



A home hobbyist from Florida decided he didn’t want other drivers talking on their cell phones while he made his daily commutes so he installed a cell phone jamming device in his Toyota SUV. He got the results he wanted along with a $48,000 fine. Fortunately he didn’t have to make a trip to the slammer.



“A Florida man is facing a $48,000 fine for using a “jammer” in his SUV to keep people around him off of the phone while he was driving.”

via Driver caught using cell phone jamming device – New York News.