Weird Al Yankovic & his new Lorde parody, ‘Foil’




Weird Al Yankovic has been on fire as of late. He is in the middle of dropping a new video a day to promote his new  album, “Mandatory Fun”.

On one of his videos, he parodies Lorde with a song called “Foil”.

On the first verse, Weird Al goes into what he does best – discussing food. He shares how he prefers aluminum foil over other food saving devices.

Sounds fun enough.

The second verse goes NOWHERE I would ever expect a Weird Al song to go. He has a song discussing Illuminati, New World Order, world domination, etc.

I LOVE the fact he put the Illuminati out there. More people will now research new World order to see what is and is not true.

My only question is – Is he slamming the New World Order? Or slamming the people that understand there is an upcoming World Domination?


Quote here is from the Los Angeles Times:

Weird Al Yankovic is not only winning the Internet this week, he’s doing so in Germany-vs-Brazil like fashion. As part of the rollout to his new masterpiece “Mandatory Fun,” the king of music parodies has been unveiling a video per day, and so far he hasn’t missed.

Wednesday morning’s premiere is one of the new record’s highlights: A take on New Zealand singer Lorde’s ubiquitous hit, “Royals.” In Weird Al’s hands, though, the song becomes an ode to … aluminum foil. ”


Weird Al Yankovic fears conspiracies in his new Lorde parody, ‘Foil’ – LA Times.

NSA spooks are in your cell phone

Before Edward Snowden turned coat on the NSA and spilled the beans on their spying practices most Americans were oblivious to the NSA or just didn’t care. Most Americans had a devil-may-care attitude and went about their business watching football games and having a beer. Besides aren’t the cloak & dagger boys and girls of the NSA are after ‘terrorists’? That’s what the government would have you believe although it has been publicized that gun enthusiasts, conservative Christians, and those that advocate protecting the 1st and 2nd amendments fall somewhere in a gray area and must be monitored as well.

Meanwhile government officials turn a blind eye to people flowing across our borders and wreaking all sorts of havoc.

According to this CNN article there are number of ways you can fix the problem but how many people are actually going to take the time and trouble to buy a purported shielded case to keep the prying ears of the NSA away from your phone. Are you really going to take the time to remove the battery from your phone? What about the suggestion that you dig into the firmware settings in your phone to disable the NSA from remotely powering up your phone?

Besides what about the collaboration between the corporations that manufacture the phones and the NSA? Are you really going to trust Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T to keep the spooks out of your phone? Just remember that all these phones are made in China and/or  Malaysia and they might have some interest in doing some snooping as well.

“How did they get into your phone in the first place? Here’s an explanation by former members of the CIA, Navy SEALs and consultants to the U.S. military’s cyber warfare team. They’ve seen it firsthand.”

via How the NSA can ‘turn on’ your cell phone remotely – Jun. 6, 2014.