Mind altering lasers – dancing fruit flies

Mind altering lasers have been recently developed by a group of scientists at the Vienna University of Technology. The device developed by scientists is humorously called FlyMAD, which stands for Fly Mind Altering Device, and is composed of infrared lasers. The laser is aimed at specific brain cells gradually warming them and causing the fly’s behavior to change. The scientists have discovered that by aiming the mind altering lasers at specific areas within the fruit fly’s brain causes them to go into a courtship dance.

The scientists have found the mind altering laser’s sweet spot to be around 30 degrees Celsius, which is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Imagine a warm summer day. Scientists hope to pinpoint exactly which neurons in the fruit fly’s brain are responsible for specific behaviors. Can this type of thing be scaled up to humans?

Are these mind altering lasers being secretly used by the military industrial complex? These type of question will remain on the table until it is accidentally divulged in a dirty Washington scandal when a corporate lobbyist tries to warm the jellyfish brain of congressman to vote in favor of some sort of coveted funding. In the meantime it might actually be a good idea to don your tinfoil hat.

“Scientists have created a thermogenetic tool that can alter a fly’s mind and make it sing and dance”. via Mind altering lasers makes fruit flies ‘sing and dance’ | Descrier News.