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Sundays 10:30pm Eastern, 7:30pm Pacific

Join Mélanie Hope, author of Get Over it & Get Started and What’s Wrong with These People? and James Moniz, author/actor/Marine for a powerful show full of positive people, crazy news, self-empowerment…and a few political rants.

Every week we invite guests who embody these concepts through their work, their works, and their words — even if we disagree. Hell, especially if we disagree. We offer shameless plugs of their current projects and a forum for their free speech.

Part of our team is happiness guru, Abigail. Not only is she the star of a series of books, she gives fabulous life advice. You can email her with your questions here. She’ll answer them on-air and post them on her blog!

If you would like to be a guest blogger – or a guest on our show – please email

If you have a complaint about our content either here or on our show, feel free to fill out the ID10T form.

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