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& cohost Scarlet Anonymous

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Journey into Freedom covers it all – from holistic health to Barefooting, from Aromatherapy to Reflexology, from politics to spirituality, from aliens to angels, from homesteading to homeschooling, to the paranormal; Reiki and energy work, sound therapy, grounding, and so, so much more!

This is a live show (not just a podcast!) that is to help us share our thoughts opinions and idea’s on all things that help create our Spiritual freedom! Learning how to get rid of anything no longer serving to your higher purpose is the first step to living free! Free from Guilt, stress, self doubt, fear, learning to rewire our brains to train our thoughts to help set us free to lead to our joy which leads to our happiness which then leads to our ultimate freedom!
To venture into higher aspects of our selves! We aim to bring you our knowledge and Spiritual Truth so you may define your own wisdom and rebuild yourself and your relationship to the Creator!

This is going to be a show for us to empower one another and lift one another to their highest potential!
We will be branching harder and deeper into these ministries of the heart! As now being an Ordianed Registered Reiki Minister I hope to bring a lot more forward on this plane! I am also now able to do weddings and other religious ceremonies here in Colorado so if interested in my services please contact me!
Wow guys its been a year!! I just wanted to say thank you to each & everyone of you freedomist JIF fans out there! We sure have covered a ton in a year huh? So many great episodes so many more to come! We are still working on great guests for upcoming episodes! We have been really getting into the ancient text and the symbolism in this current time line, we have been bringing up a ton of current events and how they seemingly tie right into these writings! We are still spreading truth and knowledge & hoping you take that knowledge & transmute it to wisdom for your self! We have been digging into the akashic & I will have some interesting things to be releasing that I have stumbled upon! There is just so much that has already been discussed and so much set forth to say its hard to know where to begin and once a week 3 hours seems not enough! That brings me to our sister show Hosted by Scarlett Clarity After Dark on Fridays same time as JIF on Monday I co host Clarity so if you have not already join us over there as well! Stay tuned for more updates!!

So Journey into Freedom with me your Host Red Gypsy,  and our co-host Scarlet Anonymous  Every Monday night 10pm Mountain / 9 PM Pacific

Let’s end Marvelous Monday and begin Terrific Tuesday with one another each week!

Dare to be Different Dare to be you and dare to learn to love yourself unconditionally! Hope to connect with you soon! Namaste

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Red Gypsy on Minds

Red Gypsy is a certified expert in the following:

Ordained Reg. Reiki Minister,Holistic detoxification and wellness coach, Sound therapy, Reflexology, pendulum dowsing, earth angel realm reading, herbalist  (still in school), aromatherapy, egg healing/Limpia  (Just trained not certified), Reiki Life coach, oracle card reader, emotion code healing, Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Reiki, past life Reiki, Diamond Reiki, DNA Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, certified in use of Crystals with Reiki, Certified Angel Realm Reader by Doreen Virtue
Always studying and learning continuing my healing education for the betterment of myself and to help others! Don’t forget I am now performing Weddings and other Spiritual Cermonies in Colorado please contact me for more information.

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11/19/18 Adam vrs spiritual law the 10 commandments & dumbing down of America

11/5/18 Lost Spiritual Practices misrepresentation ancient text and more

10/29/18 covering “The Christ” versus Christ..whats the difference? Join us to find out!

10/22/18 continuing still on the topic of how these mind control technologies are being used on unsuspecting civilians everyday

10/15/18 still cont. From last week delving deeper into these mind control weapons & uses!

10/08/18 coming back filling in on what’s been happening and my visit to Minnesota with Scarlett

09/03/18 spiritual work, unity, stepping up the game, positivity, & honey for medical use?!

8/27/18 lets talk some truth on some ancient practices! We didn’t get very far into topic we had Live caller/fan topics

8/20/18 been a bit off track only had a repeat show and then skipped a week bringing us to the now! Live Singapore caller topics. The truth of the area from a boots on the ground civilian living it.

07/30/18 Hopefully back on track tonight! Covering part 7 of mind control and a story that could or could not be a case of mind control so join us!

07/23/18 Tonight Scarlett is Here in person on the LBH so we are together and ready to rock out one fun show for y’all so join us we got kicked off and could not get back on due to the amazing storm so sorry about that!

07/16/18 part 7 mind control and spirituality we covered a little on our sister show clarity after dark last Friday as well we took a break will do part 7 next week

07/09/18 part 6 mind control and spirituality we had issues with this episode will get replay posted ASAP
07/02/2018 part 5 Modern Mind control technologies

06/25/2018 mind control bioelectrical weapons & spirituality part 4

06/18/2018 mind control bioelectrical weapons & spirituality part 3

06/11/18 mind control biochemical weapons & spirituality part 2

06/04/2018 mind control bioelectrical weapons & spirituality the beginning

05/28/18 Church,Religion,spirituality

05/21/18 Fukashima update readings for callers and open Mic

5/14/2018 discussion on new age spirituality

05/07/18 with special guest Gary Wayne speaking on Faries!

04/30/2018 with Special Guest Gregory Garrett

04/23/18 welcoming Brian David Hill back with updates on his case

4/16/2018 with Guest Oppenheimer Ranch Project

04/09/2018 Turkey talk, people talk, and Aquarian Gospels

04/02/2018 with Guest Brian David Hill speaking his truth for us all
check out Stanley Boltons blog about this episode above with Brian Hill
Brian D. Hill of USWGO news appeared on two Freedomizer Radio shows

3/26/2018 homestead updates oracle reading &general chat with caller about spirit

3/19/2018 Gary Wayne is joining us for all 3 hours!! Very exciting indeed so I am putting this up early so you can mark your calendars!!

Esdras 2 chap 10 & beyond

3/5/2018 Esdras 2 chap 10 & abuse of self & others

Chap 8 & abuse of others

2/19/2018 Esdras 2 end of Chap 7 and our Jobs episode

2/12/2018 Esdras 2 end of chap 4-7 and convo on free will

2/5/2018 Esdras 2 chapter 2 & “magic stick” or “the stick” convo.

1/29/2018 Esdras 2 and Blue moon super blood full moon info

01/22/2018 Esdras 1 cont. & Esdras 2

01/15/2018 Esdras 1

01/08/2018 singing bowl meditation

01/01/2017 Silver Ions Tissue regeneration






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