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Bi-directional OLED camera foreshadow 1984 telescreens

George Orwell’s book 1984 chronicled the experiences of Winston, an employee working for Big Brother’s government branch called the Ministry of Truth. Since Winston worked for the government he was a member of the bourgeois class and was privileged to live in a section of the city that was heavily subsidized by Big Brother and provided the basic life comforts along with safety and security. But there was a dark side to this lifestyle; every home, shop, corner cafe, barroom, street corner, and one’s living quarters were constantly overlooked by the insidious telescreens cameras. The telescreen cameras were both a blessing and a curse providing you with up to minute news and information that was heavily sanitized by Winston’s Ministry of Truth. The telescreens watched your every move instructing when to wake up and when to go to bed. The telescreen monitored your health and well being and made sure you had a regular exercise routine once a week upon rising from bed. If you fast forward 30 years we have a culture that is gradually and incrementally approaching this norm, especially the United States where almost every home has at least 2 computers with high speed cable access and not to mention almost all U.S. citizens carry one or more cell phones. The displays in consumer electronics aren’t quite literally watching us back, but that soon may change. “We first covered the Fraunhofer Institute’s bi-directional OLED display technology – which basically combines a display with a camera – all the way back in 2009”. “” via Fraunhofer bi-directional OLED prototype incoming: Display & Camera in one [Video] – SlashGear.