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Meet Michele Garcia – An Interventionist

Join us – CthePower in YOU Saturday, 7/19/14 at 4pm pacific time. We begin with an update from Curt John Forde for his updates ON THE ROAD WITH PROFIT ORGANICS. Michele Garcia joins us...

The Swarm on the Pleasure Saucer 1

The Swarm on the Pleasure Saucer

Welcome to the Swarm. What is the Swarm? Swarm is is a company that is in the business of crowdfunding equity, using the bitcoin protocol. This is innovative, disruptive, and very exciting (and also...

WWI in the trenches 1

Why do we fight ? the Joyeux Noel film

I watched a great movie on dvd today – JOYEUX NOEL  – film. The movie is from a true story where soldiers from three countries create a cease fire on Christmas eve in 1914...

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Tim James Glynn Joins CthePower

Our guest today is Tim James Glynn.  Tim is the CEO and founder of Int’l. Anti-Ageing & Addition Therapies, LLC. speaking on BreathWork.  We also had some intense discussion with caller participation about the...

Guest Barbara A. Puffin 0

Barbara A. Puffin Joins CthePower in YOU

Barbara A. Puffin Joins CthePower – Judy Lynne Cole presides and we’ll discuss issues of aging and how to effectively deal with aging parents and help them keep as much of their dignity as...