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Bi-directional OLED camera foreshadow 1984 telescreens

George Orwell’s book 1984 chronicled the experiences of Winston, an employee working for Big Brother’s government branch called the Ministry of Truth. Since Winston worked for the government he was a member of the bourgeois...

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Desert Gardening Expert from Cowboy Trail Farms Joins CthePower

Desert Gardening can present many challenges.  Today our guest is Marilyn Yamamoto from (OrganicEdibles.org) Cowboy Trail Farms in Las Vegas.  Can you imagine a hotter, dryer climate that presents more challenges ?  Marilyn will...

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Biodynamic Farming with Shonagh Home

Biodynamic farming with Shonagh Home brought to you by Judy Lynne Cole, our regular Wednesday co-host.  Today on CthePower in YOU, we discussed Biodynamic farming and what you CAN do, that is uniquely you,...