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Dian Freeman joins CthePower

**Great interviews with Dian Freeman as she joins CthePower with Judy Lynne Cole regularly and speaks about taking a stand on promoting health freedom and wellness through knowledge and better nutrition.  Dian’s interest in studying...

BareBottom Connecting with the Earth with Sue Kenney 0

BareBottom Connecting with the Earth with Sue Kenney

BareBottom “shoes” are about connecting with the earth and connecting with your soul; through the soles of your feet that is !  Barebottoms are called a shoe but the big difference is they don’t have soles....

Beekeeping with Ted Braun 0

Beekeeping with Ted Braun

Ted Braun is a retired Lutheran school teacher who has been keeping bees for 30 plus years and has served the Northeast Indiana Beekeepers Association as a member of its executive committee and as...

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Sacred Beekeeping with Shonagh Home

  With Judy Lynne Cole as our regular Wednesday co-host, Today on CthePower in YOU, bringing us another great guest, we discussed sacred beekeeping and of course, Shonagh’s new book as well as upcoming...

Become your own herbal expert 2

CthePower in YOU with Hazel Correll

This is a special CthePower SERIES which aired every Fri April through August 2014 SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE LIVE SHOW player.  Subject matter is listed for each program. Thank you for supporting...